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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Listen to Halloween Playlist

Here are some of my favorites for Halloween!
Click what you'd like to enjoy!  ((HUGS))
Thought I'd post today since this year will be celebrated both today by some and tomorrow by others. I won't go into that debate. I also highlight my prayer list on Sundays. To me, they just don't mix quite right. LOL!!

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The Monster Mash
This was my FAVORITE growing up!! We would stay up till 10pm when we were visiting my dad to listen to Dr Demento. He always started with this song and followed with a SCARY STORY!! Yes, This WAS a RADIO broadcast. AND WE LOVED IT!! HAH!!  ;p

If you've never seen the whole thing, it's pretty cool! Thriller came out when I was a cheerleader and I remember we did several drills to a few of the songs. It was fun and always brings back memories. Yes, it's kinda' corny... but you can't deny that it is AWESOME for a song/music video! You can see it at the MTV site (linked below). I tried to embed it, but it had an error.  :`(   The ones on YOUTBE are real crappy quality.

Who didn't LOVE this movie.. as corny as it was... I have a confession... I used to think Harold Ramis was HOT!! OMG!! LOL!!

This is Halloween
from Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween just wouldn't be the same without this song and thinking of the Haunted Mansion being transformed into that theme from October to December. We had annual passes for SoCal residents when we lived in Riverside and went a LOT!! 

Devil Woman
Another favorite from childhood. Came out around the same time as Monster Mash, I think...


Dawn said...

Monster Mash most definitely my fave as a child! We still listen to it every Halloween:)

Kristina P. said...

It can't be Halloween without listening to Thriller!

amy said...

Great list of halloween classics. we showed the girls the thriller video the other day. they weren't as impressed as we were when it first came out. I guess you can see that much of a production all the time now. boy times have changed.

but, despite the awful special effects, the LOVED ghostbusters and often sing the song.

But the Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite from the list. :) LOVE it.

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