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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Expressions: How Great Thou Art - Ongoing Prayer List

How Great Thou Art
(I think this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE HYMN...)
Sung by Carrie Underwood
Based on Swedish poem written by Carl Gustav Boberg
The melody is a Swedish folk song. 
It was translated into English by British missionary Stuart K. Hine, 
who also added two original verses of his own composition.

This is an ongoing prayer list of those that need the power of God to help them through a difficult time. Feel free to link up your list. I'll work on a button and we can make this a weekly thing as part of our Sunday posts. Just think of some of those individuals in need of prayers and post so all that read can say a little prayer. The power of prayer is an amazing thing!!

The main list will be updated weekly here and the names will be linked to the prayer list they are on.  Thank you for participating!! This Link is always open and available on the Ongoing Prayer Page.

This is the main list I will update weekly with those individuals you post in your link and link them to your post:
Current List
  • Cancer Victims in the fight of their lives: Sid, Paul, Colette, Angel, Joe Martinez
  • Other Health Issues: Melissa, Janie
  • Terminal Child Disorders: Vincent
  • Child health issues involving much medical attention: Bug, Robert, Colby, Brandon
  • Andy is home recovering from his injuries from being trampled by a bull.
  • Family/Life Circumstances: Dottie, Megan, Jenn (Holly's Sis), Paula
  • Suffering loss: Frank, Dawn, Kristin, Grieving Family of Clay Sannar (42) LDS Bishop shot and killed in his office during church by strangerKarliSherry (aka The Redhead Riter)
  • Dealing with disorder issues: Holly, Megan, JaimeKay, Teri, Donde,  Kenny, Karli
  • Current Health Issues:Melissa, Janie, Lindsay, MY POP
  • *Surgical Recovery: Jules' Dad, Colby, Weezer, Paula
 Continued prayers on their behalf is appreciated.  ;D
Today I've added: 
  • My Pop was needing X-rays and further tests. While he was waiting for his X-Ray, he CODED out of the BLUE!! Tell me GOD doesn't work in mysterious ways!! He was right where he needed to be to get the HELP he NEEDED! IN the hospital. Of course he was admitted. The next day they did an angiogram and angioplasty. They found 2 blockages and took care of it. The next evening he wa HOME again! He is doing better than he was before. He's not even on his Oxygen anymore! He is a little stubborn and having a hard time with this aging bit and having to give up some of his independence. Hey! At 87 you just GOTTA' give a little! LOL! My prayer for him is one of gratitude first, that he made it through that event and procedure. AND that he will allow himself time to HEAL and recognize his limitations.  (((HUGS)))
  • ** Update... Pop is having a VERY rough night... those prayers are greatly appreciated. Mom could use them, too. She's got a LOT on her plate right now with everything going on.  *sigh*
If you have a minute to give them a comment of inspiration and say a little prayer in their behalf, that would be AWESOME!! ;D   
(HE nor my mom actually have a blog... I'm working on my mom, maybe someday! So adding a little prayer or good thoughts in your heart would be SO NICE!!)   ;D
This is the one YOU add to:
Current Linky:
Also linking up with:


Ruth said...

Hi Holly, stopping by from Spiritual Sunday. this is cool.. the ongoing prayer list...

Have a beautiful Sunday!!


Virginia said...

Our God is so Powerful…
Praying for God’s Miracle, Healing, Provision, & Blessings for you and those in need..
Have a wondeful Sunday!

sarah said...

Holly...you are so compassionate....so kind....

Donnie said...

This was a lovely post. Your words were so inspiring. Have a blessed day.

Charlotte said...

I remember when this song first came out. Everyone was singing it. It has really turned into an all time favorite.
I'm adding my prayers for your parents. Thank you for sharing the prayer concerns.

Paula said...

Holly, thinking of you Dad and you. You are very compassionate and yet I was surprised to find me on your ongoing prayer list, particularly as I am not Christian. Yet I do understand the meaning and for that I am grateful. Keep you in my thoughts.

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