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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awareness Wednesday: What's YOUR CAUSE? Link it up! The Innocence Project

Sweet, Brilliant, Fun... (I could go ON...) 
brings our attention to
Karen had the AWESOME opportunity to be a PARTNER to help promote John Grisham's newest released book, The Confession.
Just had to throw in that I was one of the WINNERS in her giveaway of the book!! SWEET!! I WON SOMETHING!! I'm looking forward to it!! I'm reading The Innocent Man, which is the book that precedes this one in the story line...
Watch for some upcoming reviews!!
ANYWAY, the research for The Innocent Man (which is a NONfiction book)  brought The Innocence Project near and dear to John Grisham's heart!
Here is a snippet from Karen's post:
"A few years ago, John Grisham wrote his first (and, so far, only) non-fiction book, THE INNOCENT MAN. It's the true story of Ron Williamson, a mentally ill man who went from minor league baseball player to convicted death row inmate within a few short years. The book takes you through the entire case, from Ron's tumultuous, drug-hazed teenage years through his (SPOILER ALERT) eventual release. At one point, Ron was just days from execution before a court clerk decided that a judge really needed to review the facts of the case.

The Innocence Project learned of Ron Williamson and stepped forward to help prove his innocence as well as that of his "co-conspirator," Dennis Fritz. After serving 11 years in prison, both were released and the real killer was ultimately brought to justice."
Thank YOU, Karen!!
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Jackie said...

I should link up something about the r-word. I HATE that word!

Holly said...

DO IT!! I'm drawing a blank here... ROWDY... RUGGED... RIOT... RAWR... LOL!! Please... I NEED to be EDUCATED HERE!! ;D

Karen Peterson said...

Holly, I am so behind on my blog reading. Thank you so much for this! The Innocence Project is such a worthwhile organization. It makes me sad that there is a need for something like this, but glad that it exists.

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