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Friday, November 12, 2010


I was called out, made assumptions and was WRONG!
But HEY!! The TRUTH is OUT now!!
WHAT??? You want me to ELABORATE??

Long story short... OH WAIT!!
For YOUR sake, I WILL TRY!!

This is something I confessed to my long time (OK, since 2005!)  Karen a while back on her Confession Wednesday post. Actually, I posted it as an unpublished comment. LOL!! I also confessed it to my kids... because I NEEDED to enlist their HELP!! *sigh* And NOW that I'm OUTED... I can POST IT!  ;p

Back-story 1: In the warmer months of the year my fingers have a tendency to swell. This has gone on for years. In fact, in 1999 (LOL!! Remember that supposedly futuristic song of the early 80s from Prince?? Makes me laugh... OOPS!! Side-tracked!!) when I was in the hospital with pancreatitis and it escalated so quickly and painfully that we had to use this gadget to get it removed... 
The nurses didn't want to CUT MY WEDDING RING... so hubby grabbed it and said he would so they didn't have to feel bad. HAH!! (Come now ladies... A decent jeweler can easily REPAIR this for a lot LESS than the pain of losing a FINGER.) ANYWAY... I have a FAKE ring that is half size up and another that is a full size up. I have a ring holder where I ALWAYS switch them out as needed.

Back to my summed up undistracted story in progress... (RIGHT....)
ONCE.... ONE TIME... I was doing something that I couldn't easily get away from. (Don't ask me WHAT... I don't REMEMBER NOW... GAH!!) My finger was hurting and I couldn't stand it, anymore. I remember THINKING as I went to SET it somewhere... "Grrr.... If I don't put it on the ring holder or in my jewelry box, I'm NOT going to remember where I put it... Hmmmm.... HMMMM.... BUT!! Since I'm makine a CONSCIOUS NOTE of it RIGHT NOW.... I should remember... NO PROBLEM!!"  *TINK*

This was a couple MONTHS AGO and for the LIFE of ME... I CAN'T FIND IT!!! YES!! I KNEW BETTER... I should have litened to that inner voice that LOVES to TEACH me LESSONS!! Grrrr.... At least I KNOW it's SOMEWHERE IN my home... GAH!!!!

Back-story 2: About a MONTH ago as I was enlisting my kids to ASSIST in the SEARCH... I told them they needed to be a witness of my thought in the event it HAPPENS I'd have witnesses... 
Scenario in my mind goes something like this:
Hubby is going about his business in the house and comes across my ring and thinks, "Well that's not where THAT belongs... I'll teach her a lesson and let her sweat a bit... I'll put it in a good hiding place and wait till she ASKS or TELLS me about it... BAHAHAHA..." because he KNOWS me that way... or SOMETHING...  ;p

BACK to the STORY: Sunday we are sitting in church. Yes, it's November... We just had our anniversary... He's holding my hand and rubs his thumb over my "fake" ring... looks down and gives me a frowny face and says, "Ohhhh... you don't like the one I gave you...*sigh*" Me " Of course I do... my finger's swollen." (It was  slightly, so DON'T judge me!! *sarcasm*) Him, "So where is it?" [DING DING DING!!!! Scenario previously mentioned seizes my cranium!! Because you KNOW if I THINK it... It MUST be TRUE!!!] I pat his hand and say, "at home" *evil grin* We get home and dinner is served... as we eat I say, "So where IS my ring?" He looks at ME BEWILDERED... So NOW my prideful ways have been exposed, I am GUILTY and we are ALL on the lookout for my beloved TREASURE.

*SIGH* It's a good thing he is a PATIENT MAN!!
+Disclaimer:   ;p
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2.) What are your confessions?
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3.) A time when you stuck up for a friend.
4.) Something you wish you hadn’t put off til the last minute.
5.) Sarah Silverman once gave an interview where she described her childhood depression as feeling homesick while at home. How would you describe it?

As you probably guessed, I combined 1 & 2. I'm NOT the best at FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS all the time.  ;p


Jackie said...

Oh Holly! You crack me up!

eof737 said...

Now that the secret is out, I do hope you find the ring and update us... At least, you still have the other one to wear. Good confession story. Stopped by from MamaKat's Workshop.

Sara said...

My husband never notices if I don't wear my ring or not.

New follower from Follow Friday Blog hop.


Garden of Egan said...

I hope you can find it soon.
You know what will happen, you are going to open a cupboard, move the bed to vacuum or some nonsensical thing and walaaa it's there!
Have a great weekend.

Karen Peterson said...

Oh no! I thought for sure he would know where it was!

Here's hoping it turns up soon!

~SALLY~ said...

I am a new follower from the blog hop...hoping you can stop by and follow me sometime at my review and giveaway blog. Here is the link:


I do have several blogs, but this one is the one I need followers on. Thanks so much and Happy Friday!

Cheeseboy said...

This is very funnily written, and spell checker is telling me that funnily is actually a word.

I BET he really has it. He is just making you sweat a little more.

Lisa said...

I've TOTALLY DONE THE SAME THING! Looking at him with a sly grin, assuming he's trying to teach me a lesson, when in reality, I'VE LOST THE DAMM THING! Sorry it's happened to you, too. At least you know you put it somewhere. Better than not remembering. I'll be on the lookout over here. :)

Kristin said...

Wow...you have that gift as well? I thought it was just me!! I also am one of those rare people who...if I think it, it must be true! ;)

I'm stopping by from the 40 and over hop...I already follow you! Good luck finding your ring!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

Mama Holli said...

I am a new follower and I am Holli too!~

bluecottonmemory said...

A couple of years after we got married, my engagement ring disappeared! I looked and looked and thought, "Oh, I know where I'll put it. I'll never forget that!" And, I've never found it. He finally bought me a new one at our tenth anniversary! Whew! Not finding things is one way the devil really torments me. However, I've just started saying, "Thank you God that you know where such and such is and that you will open my eyes to it." He always does (except for that blasted ring!).

Did you find it?

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