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Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Anniversay, BABY!! Just CRUISIN' Along...

My hubby LOVES to travel and his favorite mode of travel is probably a CRUISE!! How else can you travel to many locations at an all inclusive resort with great food, entertainment, service... and you NEVER have to change rooms!

He wanted to do something SPECIAL for our 10th anniversary. He had heard that cruises were FUN and thought we'd do THAT. It has pretty much become an annual event! ;D
This turned into a novel...
but it's MOSTLY in pictures! HAH!
Disclaimer: Most of my images below are SOOC...
I am not benefiting in any way from 
Norwegian Cruise Line or Hawaii 
for sharing my anniversary experiance.  ;p
The first one we went on for our 10th anniversary! 
We flew to Honolulu and were greeted by this!
Sorry, tinted windows on a bus...
We boarded The Pride of Hawaii with Norwegian Cruiseline 
(It now sails in the Mediterranean as The Jade... 
Ours was actually the LAST Hawaii cruise the ship did 
before being remodeled to go there.)

We had rainbows a plenty!

We sailed to Hilo for a day. ;D
 We went to an orchid farm,

We had samples of Macadamia nuts in 
a variety of flavors at the 
Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory.
Then on to Volcanoes National Park.
This was when we were hiking to the 
The next day 
we were in Maui!
Hubby's nephew lives there.
We picked him and a friend up  in our rental car 
and they showed us a great time! 
Iao Needle State Park was our first stop.
 This was an overnight port.
We were out late being treated to 
Mama's Fish House
 We opted to just stay with his nephew 
and continue the tour the next day
We went to a black sand (lava) beach, 
went to a resort with gorgeous landscapes!
Then on to Lahaina  ;D
 Ever seen the BIG BANYAN TREE??
 Back to the ship and off to Kona!
First we went on a glass bottom boat ride
This was taken from the boat.
Look how HUGE these trees were!!

We actually WALKED up to the temple!
Hubby said it was just a few blocks!!
OK, let me tell you that it was NOT!!
My plantar fasciitis was about to KILL ME!!

It was BEAUTIFUL, though!
Hubby kept picking up flowers that had fallen off trees 
and sticking them in my headband.
(I hate this picture!! But it's part of the STORY!!
I was at the heaviest I've ever been then. *sigh*)
I also got a LONG strand of black pearls that I LOVE!!
(this image from My Dream Beads)
Next day...
Beautiful rainbow in Waimea Canyon
We were AMAZED at ALL the wild colorful ROOSTERS!
 On this island there was a roadside stand and I found 
earrings that looked like these and was EXCITED!
 (This image from Jewelry Delights Australia)
 Leaving Kauai was an AWESOME event because the captain sailed the boat around so we could get a nice view of the Na'apali Coast!! ! 
 The next day we were getting off the ship.
I have to add here, though, that the ship was SO MUCH FUN!!
Getting dressed up on the formal nights was special!
 Being entertained on board by great talent
multiple hot tubs
multiple pools
The night we celebrated our anniversary we went to one
of the specialty restaurants and that was AWESOME!
 Tepanyaki = YUMMY!!
 Did I happen to mention the sunsets?? WOW!!
 We returned to the port in Honolulu and rented a car.
We went to Pearl Harbor
When you go, do NOT MISS the movie!! WOW!
USS Arizona Memorial
The USS Missouri
Ain't Hubby cute in his Hawaiian shirt??  ;p

The USS Bowfin Sub
I couldn't resist details...
 THEN we went to Laie where it was raining
We did stop at the Laie temple to get a pic
then on to the Polynesian Cultural Center. This IS the
Polynesian EXPERIANCE you DON'T want to MISS!!!!

We went back the next day for a while then drove the
scenic route to return the car and get to the airport.
Now wouldn't you agree that this was an incredible trip??
I have probably have a thousand  pix! LOL!!
Thank you, HONEY!!
Tell The Truth Thursday
This was actually SUPPOSED to post YESTERDAY... 
but it just kept GROWING... and GROWING...
What was one of your most favorite 
wedding anniversaries 
or where is your dream anniversary?
*SIGH* I'd have to say that so far, 
THIS WAS my FAVORITE anniversary!!
And I have no problem with the idea of DOING IT AGAIN!!  ;D
Although, perhaps I wouldn't mind trying the Caribbean, of South America, or the Mediterranean, or Tahiti, Or Australia... Yes, I COULD go ON!! I don't know why I get so much anxiety before going EVERY TIME... But things always work out at home and we always have a good time!!

This year we were going to go to the Caribbean. We didn't have a good feeling about going though... RIGHT before going to the travel agent... We didn't know WHY, just one of those GUT FEELINGS... We would be there NOW!! Have you followed the weather? Hurricane Tomas... RIGHT NOW!! We opted to go with the boys, our daughter and grandson, my sister and her husband in the spring. We got in on a really good deal for 3rd/4th passengers...

Our boys are going on a campout and we're going out on the TOWN!! Nest week was better with our daughter's schedule, so she will come here and we will go to a B&B and play in the city for a couple days to celebrate. So if you'll bear with me a moment longer, I'd like to reminisce on this day, TODAY, November 5... 13 years ago... My beloved and I covenanted with each other for eternity. My ONLY regret of that day is that we didn't hire a photographer (like Robert Wood... He's retired now, but his son, Chris has taken over.)!! We were at the mercy of snapshots from others and what my brother-in-law took before the film got torn and exposed... *sigh* This is pretty much IT!
OOPS!! 2 more that didn't get scrapped yet...
Thank you for being the most 
patient and wonderful man 
I've EVER known!!

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Christopher And Tia said...


That was A LOT of pictures, haha.

I've been to maui once, when I graduated high school. I got the worst sunburn of my life, but other than that it was so much fun.

I'm terrified of cruises though. Mostly because of the food horror stories I've heard. Poisonings and all. I guess I wouldn't be able to eat any of it anyways, because of my food allergies, but-

Loved your flashback!!!

Garden of Egan said...

That is a TON of pictures!!!!! Congrats on the cruise. Sounds totally awesome!!!!
Your hubs sounds like a total keeper.

Kristina P. said...

That looks so amazing!! I haven't ever been on a cruise or to Hawaii.

And now I need a chocolate covered macadamia nut.

Jules said...

First, Happy Anniversary!
Second, great photos. You know I love them Rainbows.
Third: I took a cruise once, not to such a beautiful place though, I did love the food. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Pam Ponder said...

happy anniversary!!! I am your newest follower via friday follow 40 and over..love your blog..my anniversary is Nov 28th 1 year..my first marriage was a diaster I can't say we ever had a good anniversary..I have never been on a cruise but would love to could you let my hubby know :-)

Lisa said...

Holy junk, woman! Um your shots? I think they should hire you for their brochures. Gorgeous! And what a kind shout out to my dad. You're such a giving person. I am so glad to know you. :) Love ya!

Paula said...

Happy Anniversary! Surely was an amazing trip! You look so happy at these wedding pics, so beautiful. Hugs

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Looks like a fun filled adventure! There's nothing like cruising! What a beautiful place!

Cherie said...

What a great cruise you had!! Hawaii is wonderful - we went there for our 20th Anniversary.
Good thing you went with your gut feeling this year - you avoided disaster and now have something to look forward too.
Happy Anniversary!

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