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Friday, December 24, 2010

11th Day of Christmas: The Gift of Entertainment or CHOICE

Gifts of 
WHAT ideas does that conjure up in YOUR mind?
The first things that pop into my mind 
is a person's favorite Music CDs
Image by Will Koffel of FountainPhoto.com
Or favorite DVD
Do they travel long distances with children?
How AWESOME would a 2-screen portable DVD player that straps to the back of the front seats be?? SWEET!!

I know IPODS are all the RAGE with kids these days, but to be honest, that tiny little shuffle thing is a WASTE!! $49 for 2G??? Come ON!! It's SO TINY they'll lose it in no time, too!
You jump all the way to $149 for the Nano 8G and $179 for the 16G
Do we REALLY have to give them the NAME BRAND? We do NOT have to give into these marketers pushing the big brands... At least WE didn't... 
We got The Eclipse 180 with 8G of storage for less than those little Shuffles and Nanos... AND it has a screen where they can actually SEE and select easily what they want to listen to. Unlike the 2G Nano and over $100 LESS $$$ than the same 8G Nano. This one has 4 star reviews that I read and all were pleased with their purchase. Give me the Generic DRUGS and the off brand merchandise that compares, any day...

8G = $229
32G = $299
64G = $399
You've GOT to be KIDDING me!!
All because it has a TOUCH SCREEN?
Who NEEDS the touch screen? REALLY? Give me the STORAGE SPACE, Baby!! 
The only IPOD that's worth the BIG $$$ BUCKS for me is the latest CLASSIC.
160G = $249
You can get it on sale at Sam's Club for less!  ;D
Of course kids are in to the newest and most outragously priced game systems. It took us a few years to give in to getting the Wii. We have decided that we will NOT buy any more game systems. We may buy them new games on occasions for what we HAVE, but what we have is certainly good enough and we don't need them glazed over in front of the "BOOB TUBE" any longer than they already do. (Yes, we DO call it that... or the "Idiot Box"... which applies to any screen they are in front of too long.
Let's look at  WORTHY entertainment again!!
  • Concert tickets

What a variety to choose from there!!

My most recent favorites would be 
Tickets to a play

I LOVE going to plays and musicals!!

We saw A Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theater in West Valley City a few weeks ago and they were AWESOME!! The next I want to go to is URINETOWN at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse in Washington Terrace. If you haven't seen this, it's a RIOT!! My son was in this in High School!
  • Tickets to a GAME

I am NOT a big sports fan... bur our daughter's husband had extra tickets for a BEE's game and invited us! You know, in person it's really FUN!!  ;D

  • BOOKS!!!

Ever heard of the Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull?

My boys and I read these together. It was kind of a tradition even though I got to thinking they were a bit BIG for that... LOL!! We all throughly enjoyed them! Of course there are so MANY GREAT BOOKS!!

You have a PLETHORA (I love using that word... BAHAHA!!) of choices here!! For you AND the receiver! YOU are DOWN TO THE WIRE... WHAT can you DO??? HELLOOOO... GIFT CARD to the RESCUE!! DUN-DUN-DUN!! You can get a gift card for just about ANYTHING anymore! The grocery store just around the corner from us has an entire KIOSK FULL of gift cards from all kinds of places, too! You don't EVEN have to GO to the place to GET the gift card! How EASY is THAT? The BEST thing about a gift card, is that you KNOW they will get what THEY WANT with it! If you want to make it even MORE flexible, you can get a GIFT VISA card which works like regular gift cards, except it can be used anywhere that takes a VISA!! 
  • Restaurants
  • Department Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Book Stores
  • Specialty Shops
  • Movie Theaters
  • Online stores
  • Video Stores
  • Music Stores
  • ITunes
  • Toy Stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • Home Party Dealers

and yes... the use ANYWHERE 

Saved the BEST for LAST!
Image found through Google images 
belonging to Kathleen Melton
Neighborhood Caroling and Sing-Ins!!

Merry Christmas EVE!!
Have a beautiful Holiday 
with your families and friends!!

berries leaves greenish christmas pictures, backgrounds and images
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