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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1st Day of Christmas! Gift Idea and Review: Husky Screwdriver Set

The 12 Days of Christmas
have BEGUN!
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TODAY being the FIRST...
Hmmm... a partridge in a pear tree???
I don't know how appreciated the gifts sung about here would be; so we can think of some new ideas. I don't think we need to duplicate them, either. LOL!! Thank goodness for evolving times! HAH!! I thought each day until Christmas I will highlight a simple gift idea along with my regular posts.

If you're looking for a gift idea,
I have had the pleasure of testing out the
Husky 13-Piece Powertrek Precision Screwdriver Set.
I have found it offered for only $9.88
at The Home Depot
This comes with a lifetime guarantee and includes
the batteries, so it's ready to wrap and give!
First off, I have to say that the unique packaging had good intentions behind it, but it doesn't quite work the way it was intended. Maybe a little rework is in order there. I think the base should be glued in place so it doesn't get stuck in the top cover and stays securely keeping the tips in place. I will be super gluing mine down to fix mine the way I prefer. Also, you can use the top of the packaging for a cover after the gluing process if you don't destroy it opening it. There are tiny plastic ties under the base to snip and release the top.

My husband and I tried this out on various items. This is not a heavy duty set, so don't give it with that intention. This is not for building a home or auto repair. This is a precision set with tips for most EVERY kind you may need!  Be sure to watch the video clip below!  ;D

I used it on a frame, but I didn't take pix of that, sorry...
My husband used it on  tightening a loose tool...
A switch plate...
And electronics...

For these types of items this works great! The tips are small, so these are the types of items this is intended for. It would also be great for traveling. When traveling, I would recommend it being placed in your checked bag so as not to have any problems through security.  ;D

The price is reasonable, the convenience and usefulness is there for the right purpose, and it can be acquired easily at a local Home Depot or through their site online.
Disclaimer:  I was given this product to review, I did not receive any monetary gain, and the opinions are my own.
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