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Friday, December 17, 2010

4th Day of Christmas: Mindy Gledhill Double Album DEAL

4th Day of Christmas
Today I'm letting you in on an AWESOME DEAL 
presented by one of my favorite singing artists...  
Mindy Gledhill

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, She's Yours! 
You get her newest album ANCHOR
AND her first album
for only $20!
She will personally:
SIGN it...
WRAP it...
and SHIP it...
This is available 
till Monday @ midnight!
Click HERE if you'd like her to sign, 
wrap & send CDs to YOUR loved ones.
BOTH of these amazing albums are in my multi CD player in my car! I listen to them both FREQUENTLY... (OK, it's been a LITTLE less this month due to holiday music... LOL!! Hey MINDY!! I need you to do a holiday album!!  ;p  That would ROCK!!

Mindy Gledhill has the voice of an angel, is down to earth and unique in her appeal to all! If you are not familiar with her music, you've come to the right place!
This is my all time favorite!
I call it "My Life" song... LOL!!

Most of my favorites from the Anchor album can be found at the Our Stage Playlist in their entirety. I Do Adore, Crazy Love, California, and Anchor are my FAVORITES!! Don't get me wrong, they are all awesome. Each song highlights different aspects of my life in my mind as I listen.
This is one of my favorites from Anchor:

The title song for this album reminds me how my hubby is my anchor, my true north, my rock and shelter from the storm... and somehow he takes me... along with my flaws... He loves me in spite of me... WOW!!

All About Your Heart is the song she wrote for Stephanie Nielson. It is beautiful and AMAZING! ESPECIALLY when you know the story behind it! I'm so excited it is on this album.
I hope you've enjoyed this preview!

Click HERE if you'd like her to sign, 
wrap & send CDs to YOUR loved ones.

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Janet Ellis said...

Yes, well you had me at Diamond Potential. I am looking forward to perusing your beautiful blog. Gorgeous photos. I'm over from 40 and Over. You can find me over at http://theskinnyonmini.blogspot.com and http://inherpeace-janetsjournal.blogspot.com/ Have a fabulous weekend. ~ Blessings, Janet

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Just hopped by to visit and say Hi.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a fun fuilled new year.
Helen x

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Holly! I'm following you back. Thanks so much for stopping by Feed Me Friday and HUGE thanks for posting the button! We are still a relatively new hop and it's people like you that will make it a success. I've heard of Mindy Gledhill before, but am not sure that I'd ever heard her music. Thanks so much for putting the previews on your blog--I loved the songs, and the one she did for the Nielson family was beautiful.

onemixedbag.com said...

Wow! Your blog is beautiful. I was just hopping around via Java's blog hop. One of the prettiest wallpapers I have seen.

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