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Saturday, December 18, 2010

5th Day of Christmas: Wall Written Designs and Gift Certificates ROCK

It was last April when I was introduced to Emily 
and fell in love with her business, 
I entered a Giveaway she was doing.
I EVEN blogged about it!


Those of you that know me, KNOW 
that I am a last minute RUSH type person...
I think entries had to be submitted the following night.
Well... I WON one of the designs...
It was this one in white... which gave me a good excuse 
to PUSH my burgundy wall idea!! LOL!  ;p
(Yeah... my kitchen would never look THAT clean.)
I'm horrible, in that I still don't have THAT design up, 
because I'm waiting for that wall to be painted first. 
Emily has a triple treat!!

Christmas Giveaways

I have the Masterpiece one.

She is giving away 
ALL 3 of these!!
You can enter for each design separately!
She has made entry simple!
You'll want to follow the link to 
right away.
THAT being said... when I WON
I was so excited that I went a little MANIC
on her site and created all sorts of ideas!! LOL!

MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

Here is one of them I DO have up above our entry door.
Your wheels will turn when you visit her site, too! 
I had a LOT of narrowing down to do...
Her site let's your creative juices flow with 
pre-designed statements and wall art... 
OR you can design your own!
When you click on a design, it opens up and you can choose the color of your wall, the colors of your design. You get a clue how it will look on your wall!  Choose the desired size and click to know what the cost will be. It's AWESOME!!

As you peruse her site, you will think of people different sayings would be perfect for! What a GREAT gift idea!! She's giving a great gift of a FREE Holiday Statement with every order that reaches $75, too!  ;D 
These are: 
*EASY to apply... 
She even has step by step video tutorials at her site!  
*Non destructive to your wall
Allows you to show creativity

The time for regular shipping before Christmas is up...
BUT you CAN put the expedited handling on it...
If you're local, maybe she'll allow for a pick up...
OR even BETTER... 
(drum roll PLEASE)
purchase a 
that can be instantly sent through 
I LOVE how she says it on her post: 

Christmas Shipping Deadlines

"Another option is Wall Written Gift Certificates
PayPal will let you email it. 
(Which happens instantly, 
so you can be a super-procrastinator 
and still send them a gift for Christmas)."
berries leaves greenish christmas pictures, backgrounds and images
*Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for promoting this gift idea. It is my honest opinions expressed and a product and company I believe in. I will likely enter the giveaway myself, though.  ;D  The link has been on my sidebar since that first awesome experience. I love to share good things with my blog friends!  (((HUGS)))

These are my adorable pups!


Lisa said...

Now you just need to enter some sort of "paint your walls burgundy for you" giveaway, and all will be well. I'll try to find that site for you.

Cheeseboy said...

That is awesome. Love the one over your door.

Can she make them say whatever I want?

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