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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

8th Day of Christmas: DIY Sweet and Stylish Gifts

TODAY I have a clip from the 
TODAY Show with 
Bobbie Thomas
She has put together in a quick presentation 
some AWESOME ideas!!

Some really great ideas that are thoughtful and affordable!! SWEET!! Click on over and see more of her GREAT ideas!  ;D
We have a  daughter that is quite an artist. (I guess that's why her nickname on my blog is "Artsy") In the past she has painted the frosted ornaments (from a craft store) for members of the family and friends with a design of something that is near and dear to their hearts. This is one she did for Hubby a DECADE aga... and he STILL holds it dear, and likely always will. This is a place called Beaver Lake! Traditionally, every summer the children over the age of 11 got to go on this 7 mile backpacking camping trip there and it was quite the memorable adventure. The last coupe years they haven't gone because hubby's knees and back just aren't as young as they used to be... (Shhh... don't tell him that, he'll deny it. LOL!) It's a fond memory they all share. This is her rendition of Beaver Lake; copying a picture he took there.
 Shows the different sides...
Don't know if you can see very well, but she signed and dated them on the bottom, too. This is a thoughtful and affordable gift given by a senior in High School.  ;D 
This one doesn't portray how adorable it really is. It's hard to catch it with the camera properly without the proper lighting. This gives you a clue, though. This is an example of ones my sister gave our family one year. She used the clear ornaments you can buy at craft stores. Resized and printed on transparency paper pictures of all the family members. Cut the out in the diameter of the ornament, rolled the transparency to insert in the ornament, tied it to the top and replaced it on the bulb, and hot glued a bow in front. My flash really messed up how cute it is, but without it, you couldn't see the picture well at all. (This could have been included in yesterday's imagery post, too.  ;D)
I have also always LOVED 
This image from Whipup.net
where the recipe for 
"Cowgirl Cookies" is available!  ;D
From soups, cakes, cookies, brownies, hot cocoa, body scrubs, etc... They are darling and useful! One idea even says, "Journal Prompts"... How cute would that be for a friend that BLOGS??? "WRITING PROMPTS!!"  ;D
I've added a few sites that I've found 
that give more information on this 
as well as recipes and printable tags! 
Holiday Gifts:
8 Homemade Gifts in a Jar
(with printable gift tags!)
Mason Jar Recipes:
Holiday Ideas for 
Gifts in a Jar
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Marlene said...

Holly, I LOVE both of the hand made ornaments! Your daughter is a very talented painter!

I have always thought I would like to do a "family tree". Ornaments including pictures of each family member. The clear picture ornament is a great idea for that! Thanks for sharing!

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Jen said...

Very cute ornaments!

I'm following you via a Tuesday blog hop.

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Kaelin said...

Love those ornaments! Merry Christmas!

Natalie A. said...

Beautiful ornaments! Thanks for sharing those sites too! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! I hope you'll come visit and follow my site! Thanks! Happy Holidays!


Christina Williams said...

Hi. Following you from the blog hop. I'd love for you to add your blog to my free directory. Have a Merry Christmas!:)


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Wow! What skill! Love those ornaments!

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Amber D. said...

Wow! Beautiful ornaments! I love the picture one the best! I am your newest follower!


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