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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

9th Day of Christmas-Awareness Wednesday: Adopt a Pet - Videos

You can't help but LOVE THESE CLIPS!!!  ;D

These are my rescue pups!! 
Jazzi & Jake Christmas 2007
I got Jake through Zara's List in Riverside, CA just before Christmas in 2005; and Jazzi through Silky Rescue a month before Christmas in 2006... LOL!! We drove to Denver to pick her up with the whole family and Jake in tow to verify the FIT! They are wonderful companions! Jake won't be with us much longer due to age and health... but I'm going to cherish every bit of time we have left with him.  ;D  They are a blessing in my life!

12 Days of Christmas:
Part 2

Wouldn't adopting a wonderful pet be a wonderful gift this year? Check out the sites for your favorite breed rescues in your area and you can always find wonderful options through PetFinder.com  My only plea is that if you DO,  commit to your adopted friend and give it a "Forever Home".  (((HUGS)))
This is a funny clip we put together of Jake and Jazzi a couple years ago. LOL!! Some of you that have followed a while may have seen this before.  ;D  Hope you like it!
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Paula & Skip said...

Just voted again. Hugs across the pond

Cheeseboy said...

Voting. Great cause.

LeeAnn said...

Great post, and adorable picture of your dogs!! Merry Christmas!

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