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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Awareness Wednesday: What's YOUR CAUSE? Link it up! Child Abuse, OCD, CABF VOTE

This last week many of you may have noticed many on Facebook changing their profile pics to cartoons. How many of you UNDERSTAND WHY? Granted, seeing a cartoon doesn't make you think of an innocent child being abused; but the intention behind this was AWARENESS. So hopefully the thoughts of preventing child abuse crossed your mind and others and not just who had the coolest cartoon as their profile picture. The more AWARENESS, the LESS ABUSE!! Perhaps the more others will step up and make the difference in a child's life so they can have more laughter and good memories in their childhood.

These are the 2 I used:
This one because I'd like to give the abusers 
a kick into Kingdom COME!
This one because I wish I had Samantha's powers 
to protect ALL the children!!
Next is:
A post about OCD 
by the AWESOME Redhead Riter herself!
Please continue to 
VOTE for CABF throughout this month!! 
Awareness Wednesday Button
This linky is ALWAYS available on the Awareness page
If you link up, please take the Award there to show in your post and share with others that have great causes and feel free to link it up under the Award Linky.
We can't financially support every great cause, but we CAN become more educated and be a voice to help spread awareness!! Hope you'll participate and grab your award from the AWARENESS page!  ;D

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