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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Gift of MAGIC: I Caught Santa Giveaway EVERY DAY till Christmas!

would catching the 
in front of YOUR TREE on 
Christmas EVE be?? 
(PSST: the answer is VERY!!!)
Everyday until Christmas I will giveaway one code for a FREE I Caught Santa photo!! It's EASY and your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students  and/or neighborhood kids will be in AWE because YOU CAUGHT SANTA in the ACT at YOUR HOUSE!!!

All you have to do is upload a photo of your lovely decorated room, choose which SANTA you'd like, place him where and what size you'd like, and process. (FYI: there are also many borders you may choose, but I actually like it without, myself, To ME it seems a bit more authentic.) You will be able to download it and share online, or even have it printed by whatever method you like! Various sizes will be able to be downloaded for sharing ease.   

You could EVEN give gift certificates for their services! Share the magic with others! Then they don't have to COVET yours! LOL!!
Once you've created your I Caught Santa image, you are able to choose SANTA in ACTION that can be linked to! An online video clip of Santa in ACTION at your house would be GLORIOUS to share with your friends!! There are 5 actions to choose from and you can share them ALL!! (If you want the clips without the LOGO, it can be upgraded for only $4.99 and will remain available indefinitely. Here is one of mine so you can see how it really LOOKS like HE is THERE! 

Love your PIC? SHARE IT and spread the NEWS!! WHY? Because they are GIVING AWAY an IPAD!! Get an entry each time you blog, tweet, or post on FB for a chance to win! The details are unveiled HERE!!

FYI: Other characters for other events are also available!
How can YOU win this opportunity for yourself or a loved one?? There will be MANY opportunities: 
  1. Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect (mandatory) 
  2. Comment on this post (mandatory)
  3. Follow me @HJPix on Twitter 
  4. For every COMMENT on one of my Christmas posts, you get another entry (All Christmas posts are highlighted towards the top of my sidebar.) Post HERE which you commented on. For this one to count, comments on other Christmas posts (not this one...) need to be relative to the post, not just an "I follow you, come follow me" type of comment.  ;p
  5. TWEET about the Giveaway  via this post (Share Tweet Link for verification)
  6. Follow Diamond Potential on Networked Blogs through FB
  7. Share this post on FB
  8. If you get image and/or video,  share a link to them here! (entry for each)
  9. BLOG about it!! (Link in comment here...)
Don't want to WAIT? 
Coupon Code: Diamond-Potential 
will get you 25% off your purchase!
Incentive and RULES: 
Here's the BEST PART!! Post a comment with what was accomplished each time! I will be using random.org to generate the winners! Invalid entries will be redrawn. (For example, the winning comment says you tweeted or did and eligible comment on another Christmas post, but you didn't... or the like...) You will be eligible for EVERY drawing!! There will be one TONIGHT,  TWO on Thursday and ONE on Christmas  and another before the New Year! I will post each winner at the bottom of this post when they are drawn. I WILL notify you IF I can access contact information for you. You have 2 days to claim your award before a new winner will be drawn in your place. 

Disclaimer: I was given the code to generate my image, as well as the codes for the giveaways as an incentive by I Caught Santa to spread the word about this great service!! The opinions expressed are ALWAYS my own.  ;D
9th Day of Christmas: Part 1
berries leaves greenish christmas pictures, backgrounds and images
Congrats Ladies!!
Can't WAIT to see your PIX!!  ;D
Wednesday Night's Winner:
Katherine Corrigan
Thursday Night's Winners:
Jessica Davis  & JULES
Christmas Winner:


Jules said...

Hey Ms. Holly,
Just popping over to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope 2011 returns all the goodness you have shared in 2010.

Happy Holidays
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Jules said...

I forgot; I followed you on network blogs, please return the favor :)

Holly said...

ot quite sure how this post ended up with 2 URL... but I'll post comments for the other URL here so they are combined:

Gifts By Katherine said...
Hopping over to leave a smile on your page. Happy Wednesday and Happy Holidays. Hugs, Katherine

DECEMBER 22, 2010 6:56 AM

Holly said...

Jackie said...
HOLLY! Your picture looks great, you must be a photographer or something! It's so real looking! I love it!

DECEMBER 22, 2010 7:15 AM

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Thank you it was fun to make. Hugs!

Jessica Davis said...

My Kids would love this :D

Holly said...

Apparently, the linkthat posted before the final edit on my fb has a different URL... Here's another:

MarciAlaine said...
How fun! Following from NB You have the neatest links!!! Merry Christmas to you.

DECEMBER 25, 2010 11:56 AM
MarciAlaine said...
I am going to do this right now! Thanks so much. Merry Christmas to you.

DECEMBER 25, 2010 1:56 PM

Tim and Katrina said...

Ty would LOVE this!!!! :)

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