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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Silly Boy!!

Come with me for a little walk down memory lane! 
12 years ago TODAY 
my youngest was born! 
This is the one I lovingly call "My Silly Boy" 
Sometimes it's "Silly Monkey" 
because he LIKES monkeys! 
...AND he's SILLY!!

My precious baby gave us quite a scare! Thank HEAVEN we had a pediatrician that was on the ball. If anyone knows me and how I LOATHE Dr appointments and MAKING THEM... I WILL avoid it if possible.  ;p  Anyway, when he was about 14 months, I took him in with a fever and congestion. He had an ear infection. As the Dr was going through the routine checks, he got a funny look on his face and listened through his stethoscope very intently. He went out of the room and came back in with another. He listened to him, then Dr Brown listened again and looked concerned. I asked if anything was wrong and he said probably just the congestion. He wrote a prescription and said he wanted to see him back in 2 weeks. 

The antibiotics licked the infection and my baby was happy-go-lucky AGAIN!! 2 week check up... PSH!! He's FINE!! At 2 1/2 weeks... They CALLED ME to COME IN!??? WHEN does THAT happen?? They said he needed to make sure the infection cleared up completely and check the congestion in his chest. We went... He GLANCED for a couple seconds at his ear and went back to listening to his chest intently... ??? He said he was writing a referral for him to go to Primary Children's Hospital and he needed to see the heart specialist right away. Arrangements had already been made. He also said that it may be nothing, but he wants to be sure.

Of course my heart DROPPED!! My anxiety levels jumped. We were down there like 2 days later. It turns out he had quite a severe coarctation of his aorta and needed surgery. 

SURGERY on my toddlers HEART??? We scheduled it in a few weeks... Wouldn't you know it, "College Boy" (then like 8) came home with SPOTS!! He had Chicken Pox! They postponed the surgery. They had to be sure he wasn't going to get it. He hadn't... the wait time was about up and BAM!! "Stitch Kid" pops out with them! GAH!! AGAIN... postponed... Waiting time ALMOST up... CRAP!! He GOT THEM!! He had a bad case of them, too. So it was pushed back AGAIN... Nothing like anxiety in LIMBO.

He gets over them but still has some spots that aren't all the way healed when we went in. That had some of the staff concerned... but the ones working with us had dates and were able to convince them that he was good to go. Hubby gave him a blessing and I know FAITH is the opposite of FEAR... and all that jazz... but I have a problem with that. I think it's part of the bipolar because I can NOT stop the anxiety and fears from racing through my mind...

DO YOU KNOW what it's like to have them go over the RISKS of anesthesia and surgical procedures and ask you to SIGN a paper verifying that you are AWARE? NOT a nice thing to do to a mom just before peeling your child from your arms and walking AWAY!!! It didn't feel real and I was a mess. I went back to the trailer and CRIED!! When I was cried out and able to contain myself, we went back to the waiting area, puffy, red face, swollen eyes... the whole pathetic sight. He came through fine and they put him in ICU. Seeing him all hooked up was heart breaking for me... *sniff*
They had told us to expect him to be in ICU up to 5 days and on the regular floor another week! Now I have to explain that the position of his coarc was actually a blessing because they were able to go between his ribs to get to it and didn't have to break his ribs to get the job done. YAY!! In a day and a half they were kicking him out of ICU because he was too happy and wanting to get down and they didn't want THAT around the patients that were so miserable. ;p  (Talk about a place that will have you counting YOUR blessings!! I went there feeling like my world was ending. The little boy he shared the ICU room with had brain surgery and they had to leave it opened up to continue checking on something... YIKES!!) He went to the regular floor and was healing so incredibly that in a couple days he was HOME!

He has always been pretty happy and silly.... 
(The ones with the hat are close to surgery time)
See what a ham he was from the start?
Look at this one below!
Is he the spittin' image of his papa, or WHAT??
...and the sillies GROW...
LOVELY... *sigh*
I think the hat is bigger than HIM... LOL!
On a more serious note, he is very bright! 
He does very well academically, 
He LOVES to read! 
He was inspired to start piano from 
Jon Schmidt and he's getting really GOOD! 
He even wrote his own song for the PTA Reflections contest! He'll be reworking it a little to try again next year. I may have to do a WHOLE post on him and the piano!! It's THAT GOOD! Hehehehe!!
I am so grateful that he's with us and that he (like his dad) can usually find a way to brighten my days. I look forward to seeing him grow up and become the wonderful young man I know he'll become. At some point in that process, I'm sure he won't have to be continually reminded of when it's time to put the sillies aside! LOL!!

I will do a post about his playing, composing, performing and the inspiration behind it all; but this post, like all good things, must come to an end.

I love you SILLY BOY!!

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Suzie said...

What a wonderful tribute. Happy Birthday to him!

Paula said...

A Very Happy Birthday! Hugs to you and yours!

Kristina P. said...

Well, he is certainly something to celebrate!

Happy birthday!

Lisa said...

Wow, Holly. What a scary time! And boy, those pics of him and his dad, amazingly similar! Could be twins. So grateful that you got through it so beautifully. He's darling!

Karen Peterson said...

I can't imagine how scary that must have been!

He sure looks like a fun kid now. Glad the doctor was on top of things!

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