". . . our stories are what make the difference, and if we can tell them honestly we can hope to help each other. In the end, we have nothing to offer each other but our stories." ~ Emma Lou Thayne

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AWOL... MIA... Sorry! Meet Me on Monday... on Tuesday! ;p

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short... Sorry... It will be a bit sporadic for a while as I'm WAY behind on several things and really trying to buckle down and accomplish some things I need to. I've been so easily distracted lately. *sigh*

I will difintely make sure the Awareness and prayer list stay on top. This Sunday I will be out of the area and not have internet access, so I will have it set to auto publish. I hope you'll all still participate.  ;D

(even though it's Tuesday... OOPS!)  ;p

1. What is your favorite kind of potato chip?

2. Do you make your bed everyday?
Ummmmm.... It's never quite made properly... 
just kind of straightened.  LOL!! ;p
3. How often do you go to the hair salon?
Oh MY!! Notice how my hair NEVER CHANGES???
Once or twice a YEAR!!  ;p

I went to a girl's beauty school graduation today. Just walking in there is interesting. I feel like they look at me and think, "Oh WOW!! We NEED to FIX THAT!" LOL!! Our own daughter's that went to beuaty school did my hair ONCE and because it is so long and thick, NEVER wanted to touch it AGIN!! One was doing a color and weve for me... It took her like 4 HRS just to do the color and she just didn't have anything left in her to do the weave part.  *sigh* So, I just leave it be and occasionally get it thinned and trimmed.  ;p
4. What do you dip your French fries in?
FRY SAUCE!!! I know, MOST of the world has NO IDES WHAT that is or how YUMMY it is!! More or less, it is ketchup and mayonnaise mixed.  ;D YUMMY!
5. Do you shop with coupons?
Only if they're handy. I'm not organised enough or spend the time, usually. When I've clipped them, by the time I come across them again, they're expired.  Yeah.... But sales... if it's a good sale, I'm THERE!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ongoing Prayer List and Sunday Expressions: Broken

This song is Broken by Kenneth Cope
I hope it lifts your spirits for a beautiful Sabbath!

This is Dottie's photo...

Today I would like to highlight a sweet and strong lady, Dottie from Not So Molly Mormon. Dottie is facing many trials in life: 

Any ONE of these would be enough to deal with... Can you imagine it all coming at the same time? WOW!! All of these have many more trials that accompany them. She is trying to cope with all of these adversities while attending college 2 days a week,  being a wife and mother (she has 3 other children at home), and trying to be the glue that holds them all together through it all.

She needs love, support, and most importantly PRAYERS!! Please only visit and comment with positive vibes, friendship and encouragement. She has enough of the other CRAP. She is a strong woman that will get through all of this with a little help from Heaven and friends! LOVE you Dottie!

*Remember, God often answers prayers through others!
I personally know this to be TRUE in my own life.

This is an ongoing prayer list of those that need the power of God to help them through a difficult time. Feel free to link up your list. I'll work on a button and we can make this a weekly thing as part of our Sunday posts. Just think of some of those individuals in need of prayers and post so all that read can say a little prayer. The power of prayer is an amazing thing!!

The main list will be updated weekly here and the names will be linked to the prayer list they are on.  Thank you for participating!!

This is the main list I will update weekly with those individuals you post in your link and link them to your post:

Current List

  • Cancer Victims in the fight of their lives: Sid, Paul, Redhead Riter's dad, Colette, Angel
  • Other Health Issues: Melissa, Janie
  • Terminal Child Disorders: Vincent
  •  Child health issues involving much medical attention: Bug, Robert, Colby
  • Andy is home recovering from his injuries from being trampled by a bull.
  • Family/Life Circumstances: Dottie
  • Suffering loss: Frank, Dawn
  • Dealing with disorder issues: Holly, Megan, JaimeKay, Teri, Donde,  
  • Current Health Issues: Lindsay
  • Grieving Family: of Clay Sannar (42) LDS Bishop shot and killed in his office during church by stranger
  • *Surgical Recovery: Jules' Dad, Colby
*Jules' Dad & Colby came through surgery well and are now recovering. Continued prayers on their behalf is appreciated.  ;D

Friday, August 27, 2010

Top and Bottom 10 Lists - When I Lived in FL

When I talk about having lived in FL to people from FL (except the ones that were from the AREAS I was from, of course), they chuckle and tell me I lived between AL & GE up there in the Panhandle... (Panama City, Tyndall AFB, Mary Esther, Ft Walton Bch, St Andrews, Callaway, Pt St Joe, Grand Ridge, Marianna...) REAL FLoridians come from the BOOT of the state. WHATEVER.  ;p  My addresses said FLA (before they shortened it to FL. LOL!) So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! (The government's, too!)  ;p  
Sorry, my lists are in no particular order...  *sigh*  
I'm too disorganized for that!

10 Things I Miss About FL:
  1. Lightning that cracks across the sky and splits off in every direction 
  2. It can rain like cats & dogs in your front yard and shine the sun down in your back yard... at the SAME TIME!
  3. WHITE sandy beaches where the view of the sand dunes reminded me of snow.
  4. If you went to the right beaches (favorites as an adult were Navarre & Destin, Panama was getting too crowded!) the water was clear emerald and the white caps of the waves as they crashed down accentuated the brilliance of the color. 
  5. Palm Trees and tropical plants. EVERYWHERE you look there's GREEN & LUSH foliage!
  6. Wild Blackberries in the fields nearby!
  7. No State TAX
  8. Airbrush artists EVERYWHERE (Do they still DO that or was that a 70s-80s thing??)
  9. Dinner Cruises (Captain Anderson II sailed the sound for a 3 hr dinner cruise - Yeah... I worked for them, too! Reservations and waitressing)
  10. Blackwater River Canoe trips! This was MY YOUTH CONFERENCE experience! ;D

10 Things I Don't:
  1. Water bugs... (AKA GIANT Cockraoaches) OK, ALL the BUGS! LOL! 
  2. Crab Grass with stickers
  3. Pine Trees
  4. Humidity: Walk outside for 3 minutes and you're dripping sweat... Don't bother fancy hair dos and makeup!! PONYTAIL & SUNGLASSES, BABY!!  ;p
  5. Snakes
  6. Blistering Sunburns
  7. Flea Infestations
  8. swamps (& critters that homestead in and near them!)
  9. sump pumps (that you have to have in order to have plumbing because the water table is too high...)
  10. Jelly Fish and Seaweed

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Color Crayons of Life and CAN it Be SAVED?

The question on The Redhead Riter's hop this week is: 
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
I guess MY question is; Do I get to CHOOSE the color?? 
If so, I'm sticking with the BURGUNDY!! 
Even after discovering what it supposedly represents. 
To ME it IS regal and rich... It IS beautiful!! 
If it is more what I AM rather than my CHOICE... 
I guess that may be a different story. 
Is there a rainbow colored crayon?? LOL!! 
I just have to make EVERYTHING SO COMPLICATED!! ;p
I have many facets that make up my WHOLE!! 
This can have different outcomes. 
Sometimes WONDERFUL... others, NOT so much...
For example, A RAINBOW is a beautiful thing!! 
The colors  separate, yet blend in such magnificent beauty! 
Now look at the flip side... Did you ever do the stained "glass" art project with crayon shavings when you were young?  I did; it didn't always turn out so pretty. I have many colors!! So... I shave many different colors together thinking it would actually come out with the different colors fading from one to the other. It doesn't always work that way. Sometimes they just MUSH together making kind of a "POOPY" color... Bleh!

Since, I have learned that it also depends on the degree of heat and amount of time the heat is applied that will blend it nicely, or "POOPY... I guess that is kind of how my life is. My many facets can blend nicely when the heat isn't turned up for too long... ;p  How's THAT for an analogy of crayon colors vs my life??? LOL!!

*Sorry I have no melted crayon art to share. However, I did find a cool blog post from Sugar Boot and Weasel that demonstrates this theory quite well. LOL!! ;p

Tell The Truth Thursday

Now for

Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and come back and sign Mr. McLinky (Click button above to go to McLinky on her post). Be sure to sign up with the actual post URL and not just your basic blog URL (click on the title of your post for that URL). For good comment karma try to comment on the three blogs above your name!!
The Prompts:
1.) Your childhood neighborhood.
2.) I was holding on tight but…
3.) “It was as if an invisible thread hooked her to her boy. The thread could go taut or slack but it could never come undone, it could never reach the end of its spool because there was no end; it bound them forever.” What does unconditional love mean to you?
4.) Can it be saved? Think of something that is ruined when it’s totally wet: like a newspaper or a piece of cheese. Write a scene (truth or fiction) that involves you and a soaked item.
5.) What five images paint a perfect picture of summer to you? Put those five images together in a piece of writing.
I chose #4 and it IS a TRUE STORY. ;p
In 2006 I had an AWESOME experience meeting up with friends in NYC to see Patrick Wilson perform on Broadway in Barefoot in the Park and check out the sites!
(This is when I met Karen in person... She's AWESOME!) To chronicle that whole weekend will have to be a post for another day. But THIS is when my story took place.
It was the first Sunday in April. Conference for the LDS Church. My plane was heading out at 4pm and I had to be out of the Hotel by 11am. There were 5 LDS gals in our group, but 2 of them (Karen and her friend Kelli) had an early flight. The 3 of us that were left decided to go to the NYC/Stake Center (The other side of the TEMPLE... SO COOL...) to watch conference.  
I had to go to the powder room... YES... It's a BATHROOM STORY!! (I KNOW Krista could make this MUCH more entertaining... Sorry... I'm just not that talented... *sigh* ) It's also an "If I knew THEN what I know NOW..." story. You can probably see where this is going... ANYWAY, my FANCY HOT PINK RAZR went for a SWIM! BLEH!! YES! I DID!!! I REACHED in and GOT IT! (Don't deny that you wouldn't have... I KNOW SO many that HAVE... In my defense... it was a VERY CLEAN bathroom... LOL!) SO.... I hurried and wiped it down and tried to dry it off the best I could. Washed up my hands AND ARM... Here's where I made the mistake... I turned it ON to see if it would still work! DUH!!! (I plead IGNORANCE!! I didn't know NOT to do that... or about rice in a zip loc and leaving it for a few days, etc...) The phone kind of flickered and shut down again. AAHHHH!!!! My stomache had sunk to my feet and my heart jumped to my throat! How was I going to communicate with the hubs??? Surely... since the porcelain throne WAS in a HOLY place... SURELY it would be alright in the end... RIGHT??? UGH!

When the meeting was over, I asked one of the ladies I was with if I could use her phone to call the hubs and inform him that I would not be able to have contact with him until I actually got home due to the adventure my phone had gone through. Unfortunately, I tried a few more times throughout the day to turn it on... So you ALL KNOW I "Dun it IN!" AND Of course I learned the HARD WAY what NOT to do... No matter WHERE you send your communication device for a DIP!! *sigh*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awareness Wednesday: What's YOUR Cause? Link it UP! - Childhood Stroke and Dystonia

This hop is intended for real causes. (Please
don't make up silly or vulgar things to diminish the 
importance of causes that hit home to so many.) 
This should be concerning something you are
passionate about to help educate others in a cause
to make the world a better place,
create understanding, rally support, etc...
*Let's please keep it family friendly, too. Thanks!
  • Write your post: Tell us about your cause, educate the world about it, let the world know how they can help in the cause. Remember that not everyone will be as passionate as you are about a given cause, but you will help others have a better understanding and will also find others to jump in and offer support to you and/or your cause.
  • Link up your post to share with others. Feel free to grab the linky and post to your page, also. Let's get the word out and start making the world a better place, one post at a time!
  • Be considerate of others causes. Don't post negative comments, attack individuals or groups. THUMPER'S THEORY APPLIES: "If you can't say something nice (supportive, constructive, etc...) don't say anything at all.
  • Make new friends, learn about things that are affecting other people's lives, become allies... You may find some dear friends by following others and showing support for their causes! Find at least a few to follow each time and help spread the news to your followers!

    *These can be different causes each time. Many people have various things they are passionate about or would like to open others eyes to.
This week the new entries start at #17. If you are new to the hop, please include previous posts to visit, learn and understand.  Thanks!!   ;D

This is to raise awareness of childhood stroke and dystonia. Colby's deep brain stimulation surgery is happening TODAY, the 25th of August!! There is a special request of his family for prayers, good wishes, and a posting of his button today on your blogs to help him through his procedure. This information comes directly from Erin, Colby's mom.

Read part of Colby's story:

Colby had E.coli poisoning, kidney failure and bilateral basal ganglia infarction’s. Or in plain English he had a massive stroke. This video shows his story and what he went through. He is a trooper and our hero. We’re so thankful for all the experiences that have changed our lives.
Updated August 10, 2010
Colby will be having Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery on August 25th, 2010.  We would like to ask for your support and prayers for the success of this surgery. We hope that it will give him some relief and comfort from his dystonia. He is in pain daily because of uncontrolled muscle movement and spasms. It’s painful, kind of like random charlie horses all over your body. In my highest hopes (which the doctors told me not to have) we pray that this will enable him to speak again and to be able to control his arm and hand movements. We ask that people will pray for the surgery to go smoothly with no complications or infections and that the surgeons hands will be steady.
If you don’t pray we appreciate any good thoughts and wishes you’d like to send our way. I believe in the power of positive thinking and believe it has healing powers as well. One small request for myself too if you don’t mind. That I can be peaceful and not have anxiety over this. I will be updating the main blog page as we get updates from the surgeon, as he goes into recovery and after he is settled back in his room. I will be tweeting updates as well, obviously only if I can and he doesn’t need me to comfort him at that moment. He is my number one concern and priority but I will update as I can.
Our goal is two fold, for healing and recovery but also to raise awareness of childhood stroke and dystonia. If you could post his button (button is on the right side panel of this page.) on your individual blogs on the 25th and ask your readers to pray for Colby I know that our goals can be accomplished. I have said and will continue to say that if we can help one person through our journey, save one person from the heartache of E.coli poisoning, or bring awareness to these conditions than it will all have been worth it.  Thank you for your help in accomplishing these goals.

We picked up Colby’s new back brace today. It’s camo.
Was there any doubt it wouldn’t be?
John brought up his body armor so they could be soldiers together.
I don’t have a picture of that yet but I will get one.
In the mean time here is a picture of Colby in his new brace.
The hole in the middles is so his feeding tube is accessible while he is wearing it.
It’s hard plastic with a foam insert on the inside.
It makes him sweat.
We will have to get the bottom right edge cut down because it’s leaving a red mark on his leg.
Hopefully it will help his scoliosis.

Confession Wednesday: Selective Perception

Confession Wednesday Button

Today's post has been in the wings for a bit... I had to get to a point where I felt safe in posting in some directions again. I am still hesitant. But if my lurkers... who want to hold me in contempt for being human... So be it. They're still avoiding me anyway.  Soooooo..... Here GOES!!

Last month I was having a bit of anxiety over our little family get together. There are a few that seem to just be critical of anything to do with me no matter how hard I try. And all is fine and dandy as long as I pretend that nothing ever bothers me and just keep smiling, smiling smiling.... (OOPS... the Dory in me coming out...)  ;p Darn, she can be annoying!!

So I was stressing a bit about how my wheels were spinning and I wasn't really ACCOMPLISHING the MILLION things I NEEDED to DO... (a common BP problem I deal with...) So as not to be judged... I was TRYING to do it all and all for NAUGHT... In my anxiety, I had posted about it... (That's what we do... Right??) I have an AWESOME FRIEND that was giving me support and she said she had something she was going to drop off that would make me smile.  ;D  Now THAT'S a FRIEND!! (AND I LOVE HER!!)

Now in the onslaught of anxiety that followed... and then the family portrait escapade (that had to be deleted due to the mysterious anonymous posters that were obviously related...) ANYWAY... this isn't really about that... It's about emotions, anxiety.... the way we perceive things by those that have hurt us in the past... Something that was said by one of the "anonymous" posters was that I needed to let go of things from the past. I wish it were that easy. When current circumstances continuously remind of past hurts, they don't just dissipate. You can forgive and move on... but when you're faced with things that reopen those wounds, your perspective can get a bit out of whack. 

Here I was after a night of stress and full of raw emotion; I look at the counter and there's this plaque that had an adorable red ribbon (which SHOULD have been a clue... DUH!) on it that said, 
Now my house is cluttered... We're not talking completely disgusting/gross... but cluttered. I am no Suzie Homemaker when it comes to cleaning. I also deal with migraines and WHACKED sleep patterns. There are a couple family members that can be quite critical... So after I was emotionally depleted and see this I ask those still at the house where that came from. Nobody knew. The ones that were most critical of me were gone... so in my mind, I felt like it was a dig in my direction because I'll never be good enough for them. Then I asked my daughter if it was her... because then it would be funny...  The next day I came into the kitchen laughing and said I'd figured it out!! My sweet friend had said she was going to drop something off while she was running errands and someone must have seen it and brought it in. Stitch kid (perceptive stinker...) asked why I would feel different about it if it was from XXXX??

So HERE is MY CONFESSION... Yes!! I was dealing with SELECTIVE PERCEPTION!! From a real friend (as was the case HERE) or family members I feel "safe" with, it is cute and funny... and they are being supportive! From someone that is critical of me... it WOULD come across as a judgement in my direction. If the weekend hadn't gone where it did when it did... I would have known right away.

What does it boil down to??? 
"Is my name safe in your mouth?" 
If it is, I would have no reason to perceive offence. If it is not... depending on my mood... I possibly will...  So there's a glimpse into my neurotic psyche... Now you know.

And THAT quote, my friends, will be a whole new post!  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silly Boy's First Day of School

This week's theme for Shutter Love Tuesday is:
First Day of School

I'm actually putting a shot that was from when my BABY (aka Silly Boy) 
went to HIS first day of school because I wanted to talk/blog about it a bit. 
This was in 2004 when my little boy was SO EXCITED to be like the BIG KIDS and go to SCHOOL!! He was so sad the year before that he couldn't go! He did NOT want to have anyone hold his hand or be walked in... To ME, this was my young flying the coop! Going OFF into the lone and dreary WORLD!!

Mind you, this photo WAS taken with a pretty lousy camera, but the color WAS pretty good... However, in wanting to sharpen it up a bit... I had to do a little EXTRA editing to portray the way I FELT watching my little MAN ventured into the great BEYOND!! So if the school looks dark and cold and the color a bit subdued... NOW you know why. I was recreating MY mood in the edit. 

Had I edited to HIS mood, the colors would be VIBRANT nad the school would be ALL the colors of the rainbow! LOL! But this is MY BLOG... And I'll portray my mood through IMAGERY if I WANT to! HAH!!  ;p

Now my BABY is in the sixth grade and Stitch Kid is up to the BIG Jr High!! *sigh* College boy has begun his sophomore year!! The others are all married and have homes and families of their own... The years just seem to FLY... Don't they? So even though mine are getting OLD, and ALL that JAZZ... I DO remember and my heart goes out to all you moms sending your little ones off...  



FYI: Most of my photo hop entries are at PixPlus to reduce clutter here.
Occasionally I will put a few here.  ;D


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet Me On Monday and Awareness Awards

A Peek at Karen's World
I have to put this at the top here, because I feel SO HONORED!!! My friend (and blog HERO), Karen made Diamond Potential (MY blog... THIS one!!) her BLOG of the WEEK!!! How COOL is THAT??? You have to realize that she is like celebrity to me... You know, Up there with The Redhead RiterPulsiper Predilections and Blog O' Cheese!! LOL!! (I know, Cheesboy's gonna LOVE THAT!!)  ;P   I know, I don't get out much!! However, THESE are ones that I LOVE!! I have to ADD my oh so sweet friends and always sure to bring a smile to my face, Blue and Shoe  and Shades of Blonde!!

So if ANY of you reading this are unfamiliar with ANY of the above mentioned AWESOME BLOGGERS... GO CHECK them OUT!! You will NOT be sorry!! You can come back and thank me if you want.  LOL!! I KNOW you'll WANT TO!!  ;D  ((HUGS))


1. What is your favorite kind of doughnut?

Bavarian Cream Filled Bismarck!! No DOUBT of it!!

2. How often do you pray?

All the time. Frequently seems like my mind is rambling a conversation with him in the back of my head constantly... Yes, I do the traditional kneel down with the fam and at the dinner table type, too... I find that it's hard to open up about my most intimate needs nad thoughts when others are listening, though. When I have the most soulful prayers... DON'T LAUGH... It's frequently in the stand up shower because NOBODY interrupts me there!!  ;p

3. What is your favorite kind of music?

Music that speaks to me! In different moods, it's different things. I can honestly say it is NEVER hard rock or rap!! BLEH!! Sorry, I consider that noise that is only there to give me a head ache! Anyway, The ones I've found myself listening to the most would be 
Mindy Gledhill:

and Jon Schmidt:
4. What do you order when you eat Chinese food?
Either Orange Chicken or Beef with Broccoli usually. Sometimes I venture out!
5. Would you rather snowboard in the winter or swim in the summer?
Seeing as how I like my bones to remain in tact and hat to be COLD... I'll stick with swimming (in my pool for privacy...) in the summer!!  (...in the evening, when the sun won't give me a migraine OR burn/freckle my skin!)  ;p
Want to jump in??? GO FOR IT!!

More Awareness Awards!

You have been honored with this award. There are often things that others are uninformed of and therefore, they rely on unreliable sources and/or assumptions about things. There is STIGMA in many facets of life. AWARENESS is how we can overcome ignorance. This is your opportunity to help educate others about a cause you believe in.
  • Let others know who gave you the award and link back to them as a thank you.
  • You may give this to as many or few individuals as you choose. This should be awarded to those with a cause. Something they want to raise awareness about. Don't forget to notify your recipients of the award.
  • Display the badge in your post and tell us about what you would like to raise awareness about.
  • Link your Award post to the Awareness Award Page so that as others find out about this, they can link back to your post and learn more. (In the Linky provided here)
Let's change the world; one blog post at a time!

Don't forget to Link your AWARENESS AWARD post here:

aka NALD
(This will be my featured Awareness post this week)

My hope and prayer is that each of you will make a small mention of your cause and award, and pass it along to some that you know that support a cause. We want to build this and spread awareness!!  ;D 

Anyone can link up anytime with their cause on the Awareness Wednesday Page. It is only featured on Wednesday, though. All previous links will remain in tact.

Every Wednesday is Awareness Wednesday and everyone is welcome to attach the linky so their friends can also participate. Those awarded link their awarding post in the Winner's circle on the Awareness Award page!
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