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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AWARENESS WEDNESDAY: Start SEEING Motorcyclists and Bipolar

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importance of causes that hit home to so many.) 
This should be concerning something you are
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This week I'm featuring 
Teri from The Bipolar Diva
Images below belong to Teri
except KyAnn's little on.  ;p 
It's not even a whole minute...

You've heard the quotes
"Don't judge a book by it's cover"
The following are from Quote Daddy:
“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path.” ~ Paulo Coelho
“Our senses don't deceive us: our judgment does”
 ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“It is a sad thing when men have neither the wit to speak well nor the judgment to hold their tongues” ~ Jean de la Bruyere
I have to tell you, I have met some pretty rough looking people that are the most genuine and kind individuals that would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. On the other hand, the doctor that delivered my 3rd child was a biker... I have met some really awesome women that
Couples that meeting them in other circumstances 
you'd likely never guess...
and they're AWESOME!
I ask you, is this not an adorable bike?
THIS is Teri's Harley!!
Teri was 43 the 1st time she got on a bike and WAS hooked!
within 6 months She owned TWO!!  
She has been married to her husband since 1988 
She's a mom to 8, 2 biological and 6 they adopted.
All but one of her children were home-schooled.
Her husband has 3 more children
All together she is a grandmother to 13!!
She's also conservative...
(There is a lot more on her post)
"...traffic came to a standstill. I was watching the car in front of me when suddenly my bike jolted forward. I saw pieces of my back signal light fly past my left eye. I was thrown forward. I hit the highway. I remember trying to hit in a way to minimize injury. I remember trying not to hit my helmet. I loved my helmet. I didn’t want it scratched. It seemed like forever, it seemed like seconds. "

"I was on the ground and unable to move. I knew not to move my head so I couldn't see what I was looking for. Where are my husband and my bike? I remember thinking that if traffic had been going faster I would have been run over. I saw Jeff and another man. They were talking to me. Even though I could think I don't remember understanding them. It was surreal. People were moving and speaking. Nothing was in sync. Voices were swirling. People were hovering. I wasn't sure what was happening. There were so many faces. I didn't recognize any of them."

"I can remember asking Jeff to call 911. I told him my leg was broken. I asked him to call the kids and call my father. There was a woman. She was an ICU nurse. She came from nowhere and she was standing at my head. A silver convertible stopped and a man came toward us. He was a doctor. God was with me. Still I heard no sirens. Where were they? I was lying in the middle of the highway, was anyone stopping traffic? Suddenly people were everywhere. They were all asking if I had been wearing a helmet. I thought that was funny. "It’s Oregon law and I'm not that stupid" is what I was thinking. I didn't remember that my helmet had already been removed. "

"The asphalt was searing my shoulder and arm. I was crying uncontrollably. Where was my bike? Was it ok? Where's my husband? I want my dad. Who the hell hit me and where were they? Why weren't they there? Were they hurt? Did they even care? My foot was really hurting from my ankle up to my hip. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t understand. "
"...That was three and a half years ago. A subsequent MRI showed that I had a crushed heel bone. I couldn’t walk for four months. The woman that hit me had been on her cell phone. She never got out of the car. She didn’t render aid. She didn’t call 911. She called her attorney. A state trooper had to beat on her window and threaten to arrest her to get her to open her door. "  
~ Teri
CHECK your blind spots
Be cautious around corners
Stay off your stinking cell phone
(That one will be a WHOLE NEW POST)
and for crying out loud,
How about these organizations??
The list goes on...
One I share in personally
This is what she says on her profile:
"I was diagnosed with Bipolar II in 2008 and am trying to take control of it and not let it take control of me. It most certainly makes my life interesting, as if life with 8 kids, three cats, three dogs and a husband isn't enough."
  • If you see this cause pop up more frequently, it is because being personally affected with this, I feel it's important to fight against the STIGMA that surrounds this disorder. For instance, people hear BIPOLAR DISORDER and THIS is what they see in their minds if they are not educated about the wide scale of it:

Just so you KNOW... as we may feel this way at times, we CAN keep things under control and make conscious efforts, take medication that helps balance the chemicals in our brain and lead productive and fulfilling lives. Another reason it's so important to speak out is because of all the individuals that are so caught up in the stigma that they are afraid to be diagnosed. They have NO IDEA how much better their lives will be if they recognize it and take responsibility of it.

Teri hits the nail on the head with this, "When you know your enemy, you can fight them offensively. I like that my enemy has a name and it's not Diva. It's going to be a challenge, but really I'm the same person I've always been, just now I know why things get so skewed sometimes and why my moods can fall so quickly. I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I am the same person, I'll keep the good and work on the bad. And now you'll know when I disappear for awhile or am quiet, it's not you, it's me and I will be ok." This quote comes from a post where she describes when she learned of her diagnosis: Two Little Words

She has so many GREAT posts that really speak out and help others understand this disorder a bit more if they will just open their minds and become more familiar and less judgmental. This one has several links within it, also:  Bipolar? Diva? What? That's Just Crazy!

I want to thank The Diva for being a voice in so many ways and sharing her life with us here. I have found many causes she's passionate about. I have absolutely LOVED getting to know her better and having someone to relate to in some ways. I have to admit I'm too chicken to ride a Harley. She has beautiful scenery shots on her blog from their road trips!

Hubby had a motorcycle before me and his first wife didn't love it. I, too am afraid that he'd be in an accident and injuries are so much worse, as stated above, many don't "SEE" them, and too frequently the outcome is downright UGLY. (He absolutely LOVES his 4 wheeler but is more cautious around me... LOL!!) 

I think it comes from some of the HORROR stories I'd hear when I was young and my mother (who is an RN) would come home with gory details of what came into the ER that day. She was fascinated by it, which is good for her chosen profession and we NEED THEM!!! I just don't have the stomach for it. LOL!! So in a way, I admire the fearless side of Teri and how she can grab the bull by the horns an RUN!!!


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  • Make new friends, learn about things that are affecting other people's lives, become allies... You may find some dear friends by following others and showing support for their causes! Find at least a few to follow each time and help spread the news to your followers!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peach Pie FUN! He's Silly, He's Sweet, and He's MINE!

Let me show you our evening last Wednesday
Hubby picked these from our tree...
We pulled out the good ol' Betty Crocker book... 
(The one my mom gave me like 22 years ago... 
STILL one of my faves and TOTALLY ABUSED...) 
and turned it into THIS!!
Of course we couldn't wait for it to cool properly, 
so the guts kind of mush out like THIS
But it was OH SO YUMMY!!
Our plan is to make a BUNCH of them 
and FREEZE them!! 
Better than canned peaches... Don't ya' think?? 
OK, I admit Hubby can be a little on the silly side, 
but that's GOOD for ME!! 
He can always find a way to lift my spirits!  ;D
He is showing off his masterpiece!!
For the record, HE DID most of the work. 
I assisted occasionally, but I was making this for dinner.
(It tastes better than it looks! LOL!!)
YES!! HIS PIES WERE the bigger HIT!  ;p
So now he gets to be silly in the bragging ritual...
You're NOT eating that by yourself, Dear!!
See this little tree?
He planted 2 of them when we moved in 4 years ago.
They're doing him PROUD!!  ;D

I'll post recipes on the Tasty... or NOT... blog later.
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Yes, there's morehobbies, but that's it for today.  ;D
I just did a post on my hobbies last week.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

SHOES... the comfortable Kind!!

1.  How many TV’s do you have in your home?
2.  What is on your bedside table (nightstand)?
3.  How many pair of shoes do you own?
4.  Can you change a flat tire?
5.  Do you prefer sweet treats or salty treats?

If you'd like to play along, the Linky is over at
My Answers!

1.  How many TV's do you have in your home?
    7... BUT not all used for the purpose of WATCHING TV

  • one is used as a computer monitor for my hubby (when he got it and it was bigger than the one we had for WATCHING TV, I threatened to trade them... 
  • SO... that brings us to the one in our family room that is used for watching TV!!
  • There is one in the guest room
  • The one from our room that NEVER got used but gets moved around... such as when we go camping, when the boys are fighting over what to watch, sometimes we'll put that one in another room... Used for DVDs, as it's not hooked up.
  • Then there's one in the basement only used for their game console (Not hooked up)
  • I have a mini TV (7") that I put next to the computer so I can edit and watch something at the same time if I want to. (Antenna only)
  • one is actually a projector/screen in our theater we use for watching movies

 2.  What is on your bedside table (nightstand)?
       Lamp, earrings, hair-band, coaster, empty glass that once had water in it... Whatever clutter I empty out of my pockets before dropping them at the side of the bed... (Won't catch me escaping fires without MY drawers on!! LOL!)

3.  How many pairs of shoes do you own?
     WOW!! I don't even KNOW!! From what I come up with... 20! Too many... and yet... NOT enough!! BWAHAHAHA!!! I was introduced to New Balance by my doctor when we discovered my issues with plantar fasciitis. They made such a HUGE difference!! I would gladly have New Balance in every color... and style!! But I have to admit I do love my Sketchers that I got for dressing up, though!! If you know me, you can probably tell that I am usually more concerned with comfort than being up on the latest fashions. ;p
These I was SO excited about because they had the BLACK N so I could wear them on photo shoots with my black slacks without it being too obvious that I'm wearing SNEAKERS!! But having Plantar Fasciitis makes wearing dress shoes SO PAINFUL... and even MORE SO when it's OVER. GAH!! So THESE were a GODSEND!!

I have New Balance also in 
brown, tan, & white with blue N...
I was excited when I found these Sketchers! I'm an overweight shorty with plantar fasciitis. A little lift, with support and comfort all came together nicely here. I bought these in black and cream colors. So usually this is what you'll see on my feet at church.
These aren't too bad comfort-wise and better for our cruise;
but I wish they were COMPLETELY black...

These are adorable on, 
but I can't handle them for any length of time.

My daughter thinks these are HORRENDOUS and POINTY TOES are OUT!! But when I'm in my slacks or a long skirt and it's cold/snowy out, they work for me. Like I said, I'm not THAT in to staying up on the latest fashion... to HER dismay... *sigh*
I also have 6 pairs (white, black, hot pick, 3 brown... LOL!) of sandals, a pair of clogs, and off white wedges that I don't really wear anymore because I slip in them too much and they make my toes go numb?? What about slippers??? I have 3 pairs of THOSE!! HAH!!

You know the adorable knee high boots that are so popular??? Yeah! I got some!! ONLINE... Thinking I KNOW my size... Well, foot part was fine but I couldn't get them zipped up!! HOW EMBARRASSING is THAT???? So they are GONE and I'll have to look for a good deal on boots that are WIDE WIDTH!! BOO!!!
If you KNOW your size by trying on or owning a brand, there is 6pm.com, an AWESOME discount online store that has some FANTASTIC buys at times!! They do have some other items, too. You can sign up for their newsletter and they'll send a heads up on their deals!!

4. Can you change a flat tire?
I have a CLUE how to and would 

5.  Do you prefer sweet treats or salty treats?
     It depends on what I'm craving... 
I love both more than I should... OBVIOUSLY!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Expressions: Be Still My Soul - Gratitude - Ongoing Prayer List

Be Still My Soul
Performed by LIBERA
Slideshow compiled by seaandra79 
This week I'm adding
We should definitely be grateful and declare it!
by Julie Williams
by David Cise
by Amy Wetsel
Kevin Williams
(Scott G Winterton, Deseret News)
  • Here's a new category... GRATITUDE!! The unbelievable job the emergency workers performed. The firefighters, heavy equipment operators, police, National Guard, organizers, community involvement, the other communities that sent support!!! 3 homes were lost, but it could have been hundreds!! Thanks!!! For giving them the courage and strength to DO ALL that they could DO! And families that are thankful to be back in their homes!
  • The 3 families that lost their homes completely during the Machine Gun Fire in Herriman last week. 
  • Devin who has suffered with seizures all of his sweet little life. He is now 12 and had the scariest one ever this past week!
  • Darrell: My POP!! He has been dealing with Parkinson's for such a long time. Now he is having heart problems, too. He could use extra prayers!
  • My sweet friend Krista lost her stepfather whom she loved!

This is an ongoing prayer list of those that need the power of God to help them through a difficult time. Feel free to link up your list. I'll work on a button and we can make this a weekly thing as part of our Sunday posts. Just think of some of those individuals in need of prayers and post so all that read can say a little prayer. The power of prayer is an amazing thing!!

The main list will be updated weekly here and the names will be linked to the prayer list they are on.  Thank you for participating!!

This is the main list I will update weekly with those individuals you post in your link and link them to your post:

Current List
  • Cancer Victims in the fight of their lives: Sid, Paul, Redhead Riter's dad, Colette, Angel
  • Other Health Issues: Melissa, Janie, Darrell (POP)
  • Terminal Child Disorders: Vincent
  •  Child health issues involving much medical attention: Bug, Robert, Colby, Brandon, Devin
  • Andy is home recovering from his injuries from being trampled by a bull.
  • Family/Life Circumstances: Dottie, 3 Families that lost their homes to wildfire
  • Suffering loss: Frank, Dawn, Kristin, Krista
  • Dealing with disorder issues: Holly, Megan, JaimeKay, Teri, Donde,  
  • Current Health Issues: Lindsay
  • Grieving Family: of Clay Sannar (42) LDS Bishop shot and killed in his office during church by stranger
  • *Surgical Recovery: Jules' Dad, Colby - surgery went well and are now recovering. Continued prayers on their behalf is appreciated.  ;D
This is the one YOU add to:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Biaggi's BABES! Thanks LADIES!! SO Much FUN!

You've heard of Charlie's Angels??
Yeah! Well let me introduce
Biaggi's BABES!  ;p

How's THIS for stalking??? 
I crashed thier party!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!
OK... not really... I actually got invited and was HONORED!! 
Jackie was in the area from Texas; so we went to Biaggi's for dinner at the Gateway in SLC to meet up. The waiter probably laughed at us... a LOT! But he was nice enough to shoot a picture for us. I may have to teach him how to center a shot... (and how to either bring a PITCHER for each side of the table or at least refill our glasses in a timely manner... *sigh*) I'll fix the composition... LATER!  ;p    ;D

This one is my FAVORITE of them ALL!!
(I'm not in it! BWAHAHAHA!!)

OK... Here's the one I'm hiding in the back in...

OK... For REAL!! SMILE!!
There's a full shot, too... 
but I like my gut cropped OUT. HAH!!
I have to add that these ladies look tall and thin...
Then there's a short/squatty dwarf in the middle...
OH! That would be ME!!
So I'm good to drag along!
I make everybody else look AWESOME!!

These ladies are FUN!!!
Their BLOGS are FUN!!
You really should CHECK THEM OUT!!  ;D
You won't be sorry!!

IF you're into giveaways, Shauna's got them!!

Thanks for the FUN, Ladies!!
Saturday Stalker, Are you next?
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