". . . our stories are what make the difference, and if we can tell them honestly we can hope to help each other. In the end, we have nothing to offer each other but our stories." ~ Emma Lou Thayne

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Expressions: Mary Margaret's Jonah - Prayer List

This is TOO CUTE!!
I LOVE how expressive this little girl is as she recounts the story of JONAH!! Let me know what YOU think!! I personally LOVE IT!! Just thought I'd share!!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful... for a Patient Bride, Mom, and Grandma!!

Here's a slideshow of the event:
You can view the album:
I used My Publisher for their album because it's the only place I've found
that has this style cover and quality and reasonably priced. 
So WHAT am I thankful for here???
I'm thankful that I FINALLY got this DONE 
after all my computer problems the last few MONTHS!
I also had to hold back this post until
the bride and grandma GOT their albums...
The mom WAS going to give it to them for Christmas...
I KNEW she wouldn't WAIT!!! LOL!!
(LOVE you DEZ!! I was ANXIOUS, too!!)
I tell about SOME of the problems in the post  "Well this just BURNS My Cookies" ...and that wasn't even the HALF of it! After all of THAT, I got my Photoshop CS5 so it would be compatible with my new computer and the serial number was INVALID... I am currently trying to get this worked out, so the dilemma goes on... BUT it did allow me a 30 day window so I CAN use the program and I'm working like mad trying to catch up on everything I'm backlogged on. Thank GOODNESS I haven't taken much on or I would REALLY be a mental MESS!!! HAH!! As it stands, I THINK I'll survive.  ;p
I'm thankful that this was a patient bride, mom and grandma!!
(This is our daughter-in-law's family...
sister, mom, & neice.)

FYI to Tuesday HOPPERS:
Make sure you have your URL IN your
so you CAN be FOLLOWED BACK!! ;D

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Me On Monday #23


1.  How many pillows do you sleep with?
2.  Where will you eat on Thanksgiving?
3.  Would you rather go to a party or host a party?
4.  How many purses (for the guys..wallets) do you own?
5.  What is your favorite kind of seafood?

My Answers!

1.  How many pillows do you sleep with?
I have 2 different pillows...
...and I WANT one of these 
to put my knee and arm over...
2.  Where will you eat on Thanksgiving?

      Our house!!
This is our group for Thanksgiving in 2008... 
Same group this year, but the kids have GROWN!
There are 3 of our adult kids that won't be there...
They weren't there that year, either...
One is in CA... One is in CO...
...and the other always goes to his in-laws.
(Don't be looking at my CLUTTERED counters!)
Now you shared our Thanksgiving 2008...
This year will be similar.
See that boy in Red? Stitch-Kid...
No more braces and as tall as the hubs, now.
Stay tuned for next week! HAH!!

3.  Would you rather go to a party or host a party? 

    GOING is a whole lot EASIER... 
But when it comes to getting OUR group together, 
OUR house IS the one that will contain us all! LOL!!

 4.  How many purses do you have?

      Too many... and yet... NOT enough!!
Many are buried and I don't even remember them...

5.  What is your favorite kind of seafood?

    I'm allergic to seafood... SO NADA!!!  ;p
Hubby LOVES it ALL, though!!

Hope you ALL have a 
happy thanksgiving pumpkin image pictures, backgrounds and images

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Expressions: Thankful

Thankful for the country I live in...
Thankful for friends that lift me up...
and Christ whom I can always look to...
Thankful for beautiful, calming music...
Thankful for my husband and family...
Thankful for YOU!
This is an ongoing prayer list of those that need the power of God to help them through a difficult time. Feel free to link up your list. The power of prayer is an amazing thing!!
This is the one YOU add to:
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sneak Peek at Photo Post

Today I did my post over at my Photo Blog
Here's a glimpse if you want to see more.  ;D 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Custom Holiday Stockings that ROCK...

... your SOCKS to the WALL!!
or mantle... or counter... WHATEVER...
You choose the fabric from their website
the style of lettering
submit payment
and WALLAH!!
You get a customized stocking for the holiday!
They are great for your own family
or would make an EXCELLENT GIFT!! 
This lady does an AWESOME JOB!  ;D
I KNOW it's not EVEN Thanksgiving yet,
I thought some of you may enjoy these as much as we do and they have a deadline for the holidays set for November 26... You know, BLACK FRIDAY... as if you won't have ANYTHING ELSE to DO THAT DAY!! So if you'd love a personalized/custom adorable stocking, the sooner you order them, the sooner they'll arrive! I'm sure a LOT of people will wait till the deadline... You KNOW what THAT means... BACK up and arrival just in the nick of time!
Hubby had these before we ever met.
They are a family tradition!
We've gotten another every time a new person comes into the family! Of course they all have them at their homes, but we have some of the old ones that have been replaced/updated. We're thinking of reordering ones that we don't have them for so we have all 10 kids represented on the wall that... MATCH! I have this THING about MATCHING... not necessarily fabrics, just the style. Hubby does get a little carried away and puts up all the stockings he can find! LOL!!
A shot of stockings on our wall from last year.
WOW!! Could you IMAGINE if we did the 16 grandkids, too!! LOL!! We had to draw the line somewhere on the stockings... We put little goodies in for the families of the sock parent... LOL!! 

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Romance in Silhouette

Romance in Silhouette2 -
This week's theme: Silhouette
This is my daughter and her husband. ;D
My country bumpkins...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Expressions: Do YOU get Angry with God? - Ongoing Prayer List

A sweet friend is REALLY facing many trials in life and asked,
"Do you get angry with God?"

My answer: Yes, frequently. But let me EXPAND that from my extremely immature HUMAN mind... I DO start to feel that way at times. Dealing with this bipolar garbage... not having much support in my physical realm and frequently feeling alone (whether it be in reality or my mind, the feeling is the same)... I've been told to "Just have FAITH" and it makes me ANGRY!! Time and time again it comes back and slaps me, it seems. I feel like it's all my fault for not having enough faith and start into that tailspin into depression. (Please don't go into that with your comments because when you are dealing with chemical imbalances in your brain it's not as simple as "willing" it away...)   Then I have to make a conscious effort to remember (get my list out) that when I've forsaken Him, things only get worse. We can only gain His comfort by seeking it from Him. We are refined by fire and I get tired of the HEAT... People tell me that He won't give us more than we can handle... Then I think He is WAY OVER estimating my capabilities... *sigh*

Then I think of how a diamond or pearl become the beauty that they are and where they began. (Hence... Diamond Potential) I look at my sweet grand-babies that were born with terminal disorders. What could THEY have done??? What GOOD comes of THAT??? Let me tell you... EVERY PERSON that has been touched by the lives of those babies, is a better person in some way. If only to gain a compassionate heart, mare patience, more tolerance and understanding, to see beyond the physical and to the beauty of an innocent spirit... Our daughter is so AMAZING!! She and her husband wouldn't trade those sweet angels for anything!  They have evolved into new people because of those babies!

Look around! We are tested by the things we face in life; whether it be good or bad. Different things test different people in different ways. So NO ONE has the right to ASSume things or make judgements on the trials others are experiencing. YOU don't KNOW... It is not our place to judge... just to love! How we respond is a test of our soul. Will we be a better person for what we experience or will we allow it to destroy us?

Now look at it in another way... Perhaps there is someone in your future that will need YOUR HELP with a similar situation that you are dealing with NOW? Perhaps we are being PREPARED to have the understanding, experience and compassion to act as an agent to the Lord to be the answer to someone else's pleading to Him for comfort.

We also have to remember that it is not all Him! Not only do we have free agency... but consequences to our agency whichever direction it may be. Satan will make more effort to destroy God's righteous children any way possible. He knows he already has the others in his grasp... This is always a forced dialog in my mind... but the reason I keep on hanging in there... ENDURE to the END.

I like to think back to the days Jesus walked among the people... of the woman that had the faith that if she could only TOUCH his garment she could be healed... I look forward to the day when I can touch His garment... feel His comforting arms about me... and be free of the pains of this world. 

(((HUGS)))  heart

*Disclaimer: All Music by Mercy Me

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alice: My Mixed Mania Theme Song... HAH! ;p

Avril Lavigne performs her song ALICE
This is on the album Almost Alice 
which is like an addendum to the soundtrack... 
but NOT the soundtrack... LOL!!
(In other words... a brilliant way to make 
even MORE money 
from tweener and teen shopoholics.)

Grrr.... and WHY is it driving me NUTS that I can't get this to CENTER??? UGH!!

My thoughts?
As for the MOVIE...
I thoroughly ENJOYED IT!
The hubs isn't the biggest Tim Burton fan...
He thinks he's just  "WeIrDbut I think 
he actually kind of "secretly" enjoyed this one.  ;p
As for the ALBUM, I actually like a lot of it
a few I'd have to skip...
but my FAVORITE is...
drum roll please...
You didn't EVEN see THAT one COMING!!
Some may be SHOCKED 
that I actually DO LIKE THIS!!
(I also like some Alanis Morisette... *GASP*)
I didn't say I'd listen to it with a MIGRAINE...
SHEESH!! There's a LOT of music 
I wouldn't listen to with a headache...
a LOT of music the hubs and I 
don't exactly see eye to eye on... 
This will most assuredly be on THAT LIST...

I've been in a mixed mania phase lately...
in case you couldn't tell.
Sleep much? NAH!!
Ornery rhyme to WITCH? YAH!
Accomplishing much? NAH!!
Spinning wheels?  YAH!!
I'm in "Fake it till you make it" mode.
Don't worry... I AM on meds...
Bear with me on both ends of the POLE, please.
This TOO, shall PASS!!  ;p


Friday, November 12, 2010


I was called out, made assumptions and was WRONG!
But HEY!! The TRUTH is OUT now!!
WHAT??? You want me to ELABORATE??

Long story short... OH WAIT!!
For YOUR sake, I WILL TRY!!

This is something I confessed to my long time (OK, since 2005!)  Karen a while back on her Confession Wednesday post. Actually, I posted it as an unpublished comment. LOL!! I also confessed it to my kids... because I NEEDED to enlist their HELP!! *sigh* And NOW that I'm OUTED... I can POST IT!  ;p

Back-story 1: In the warmer months of the year my fingers have a tendency to swell. This has gone on for years. In fact, in 1999 (LOL!! Remember that supposedly futuristic song of the early 80s from Prince?? Makes me laugh... OOPS!! Side-tracked!!) when I was in the hospital with pancreatitis and it escalated so quickly and painfully that we had to use this gadget to get it removed... 
The nurses didn't want to CUT MY WEDDING RING... so hubby grabbed it and said he would so they didn't have to feel bad. HAH!! (Come now ladies... A decent jeweler can easily REPAIR this for a lot LESS than the pain of losing a FINGER.) ANYWAY... I have a FAKE ring that is half size up and another that is a full size up. I have a ring holder where I ALWAYS switch them out as needed.

Back to my summed up undistracted story in progress... (RIGHT....)
ONCE.... ONE TIME... I was doing something that I couldn't easily get away from. (Don't ask me WHAT... I don't REMEMBER NOW... GAH!!) My finger was hurting and I couldn't stand it, anymore. I remember THINKING as I went to SET it somewhere... "Grrr.... If I don't put it on the ring holder or in my jewelry box, I'm NOT going to remember where I put it... Hmmmm.... HMMMM.... BUT!! Since I'm makine a CONSCIOUS NOTE of it RIGHT NOW.... I should remember... NO PROBLEM!!"  *TINK*

This was a couple MONTHS AGO and for the LIFE of ME... I CAN'T FIND IT!!! YES!! I KNEW BETTER... I should have litened to that inner voice that LOVES to TEACH me LESSONS!! Grrrr.... At least I KNOW it's SOMEWHERE IN my home... GAH!!!!

Back-story 2: About a MONTH ago as I was enlisting my kids to ASSIST in the SEARCH... I told them they needed to be a witness of my thought in the event it HAPPENS I'd have witnesses... 
Scenario in my mind goes something like this:
Hubby is going about his business in the house and comes across my ring and thinks, "Well that's not where THAT belongs... I'll teach her a lesson and let her sweat a bit... I'll put it in a good hiding place and wait till she ASKS or TELLS me about it... BAHAHAHA..." because he KNOWS me that way... or SOMETHING...  ;p

BACK to the STORY: Sunday we are sitting in church. Yes, it's November... We just had our anniversary... He's holding my hand and rubs his thumb over my "fake" ring... looks down and gives me a frowny face and says, "Ohhhh... you don't like the one I gave you...*sigh*" Me " Of course I do... my finger's swollen." (It was  slightly, so DON'T judge me!! *sarcasm*) Him, "So where is it?" [DING DING DING!!!! Scenario previously mentioned seizes my cranium!! Because you KNOW if I THINK it... It MUST be TRUE!!!] I pat his hand and say, "at home" *evil grin* We get home and dinner is served... as we eat I say, "So where IS my ring?" He looks at ME BEWILDERED... So NOW my prideful ways have been exposed, I am GUILTY and we are ALL on the lookout for my beloved TREASURE.

*SIGH* It's a good thing he is a PATIENT MAN!!
+Disclaimer:   ;p
No images in this post belong to me.
Image of hands from E-How
Image of ring cutter from Seba Industries

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The Prompts:
1.) Describe a moment when you ignored your intuition. What happened.
2.) What are your confessions?
(inspired by Usher)
3.) A time when you stuck up for a friend.
4.) Something you wish you hadn’t put off til the last minute.
5.) Sarah Silverman once gave an interview where she described her childhood depression as feeling homesick while at home. How would you describe it?

As you probably guessed, I combined 1 & 2. I'm NOT the best at FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS all the time.  ;p

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