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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awareness: AZ Unsung Heroes, Victims, and Thoughts

I'm a bit disgusted with the finger pointing blame game going on over the Arizona Massacre. Give me a break!! NO ONE or PARTY told Jared Loughner to go and do these types of violent acts! He is a disturbed individual that did not get the help he so obviously needed for a LONG time. I have no desire to even post his image... He appears so satisfied with himself for his evil acts in the latest photo release from prison with his bald head and sneering... 

There is a stigma with even slight mental illness that makes people ignore getting necessary treatment... (I believe it is a RESPONSIBILITY to take control to the best of one's ability through treatment. Family and friends should assist in this rather than hinder it with more stigma.)  And I do NOT give that as a PASS!! I'm sorry, but what this man did was premeditated and he DID KNOW it was WRONG... I believe in most situations this is the case. You still know that something this heinous is WRONG!! There are very few exceptions...  a pretty poor excuse to use to take lives.

No matter the laws attempted at gun control, criminals will continue to get their hands on weapons; and the victims will have no means to protect themselves. Look at the situation with illegal drugs and ILLEGAL immigration... There IS NO CONTROL... Also look at the failed models of this type of plan in countries like Australia, South Africa, and Belgium...

The world today IS violence in training. Look at what is promoted in the media today... Movies, television, video/computer games, politics (blowing things out of context to promote anger and fear)... even cartoons. The disrespect that grows and casual attitudes towards red flags...

I think some more attention should be shown on the heroes and victims of this tragedy!

Patricia Maisch
Roger Salzgeber
Bill Badger
Joseph Zamudio
Daniel Hernandez
Representative Gabrielle Giffords
This is the summed up version of how it went down... 
If you'd like more details,
this next clip gives more detail of what went down.

I believe that more should be said about the things
good people do when it matters most.
Stop pointing the finger where it doesn't belong! 
Trying to further an agenda in the face of tragedy... 
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Jules said...

Standing Ovation my friend! (See me clapping and whistling) Evil is just here and always will be. I think blaming after the fact heals no one and solves even less.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

kelly said...

Well said, and thank you for focusing attention on the heroes and victims.

Karen Peterson said...

I absolutely agree with you.

And there were truly some incredible heroes that day. We should be talking more about them.

Paula said...

Well said and I am glad I passed by today. Guns and how people can get them is making me anxious since considering moving across the pond to marry Skip.

Karen said...

I adore you! This is simply... wonderful. Amen.

theprincessblogger.com said...

Amen! I'm so tired of the media's blame game! It's absolutely ridiculous to shove any of the blame on anyone other than the shooter.

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