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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Innocent Wonder and Project 52 Progress

Theme this week from I Heart Faces:
Innocent Wonder

This week I can't really cross anything OFF my list, but I didd make progress.
  • #18: I made my new recipe for this month. I got a recipe from my sister for Poppy Seed Chicken. It was yummy.
  • #45: I've entered images daily at Better Photo... Working towards a finalist or better...  ;D
  • #14: I have the appointment set for Wednesday to pickup and do the final steps for getting going with the CPAP... Grrr...
  • #38: I created a Valentine's themed background... Not so sure about it, so if it changes... that's why. LOL!! What are YOUR thoughts on it? Too much pink/burgundy?
berries leaves greenish christmas pictures, backgrounds and images


Tamar SB said...

How precious!


shah wharton said...

Hey -im here form the hop to folllow you - should you wish to reciprocate, im at wordsinsync.blogspot.com X ShahX

Jennee said...

cute photo! So what if you didn't mark anything off this week...but you are still making progress!

Cheeseboy said...

Well, you have been more active than I.

Garden of Egan said...

It sounds like that list is getting checked off! Good. I have NO motivation today.

Cute face. I've browsed on the I heart faces site and really enjoy myself when I am there.

I hear that those who get a CPAP get more rest than in their whole life!

mrsking14 said...

Following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday! You can find me at http://thasuburbanhousewife.blogspot.com

CarliAlice said...

Your photos are great!

Following you on GFC from Tuesday Train.


Lisa said...

Can I just add some of my to-do's to your list, since you seem to be closer to accomplishing things than I am. I just keep wandering around, thinking, "If it were sunny, I'd feel more energetic." And even when a little sun peeks out through the inversion, I just ignore it and say, "No. I need more than that." Then I take my bra off and put on my robe~even if it's only mid afternoon. January sucketh.

Pam said...

You had me at, "hop on the bipolar express." Love it!

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