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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awareness Wednesday: What's YOUR Cause? Link it up! - Take Care of YOU

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As  most of you are aware... the previously most used LINKY tools went to a paid subscription of $24 a year. Honestly, I don't make money through my blog, in fact I spend... and as other things, I have a bad habit of putting more money INTO things for others than the value. At this point, I don't get hardly much interest in my "LINKY" type projects, but I feel they are important and will continue them so those of us that with to share in these areas can unite. I think I am the one that usually benefits the most, as I go and read all the interesting posts you link here... opening my eyes to things I did not know and sharing things I've learned. I think what saddened me the most is that there was not more notice given before cutting us off and turning all of the linky tools that existed OFF! Having NO access to the things previously linked. It really sent me for a LOOP. I want my LINKS BACK!!  *sigh*

Honestly, I've been in a bit of a rut for a while now. I am need to scale back on many things INTERNET. If I COULD just sit at my computer around the clock perusing all the welath of infomation, creativity, wisdom, humor.... that I find through all your blogs... I would BE THERE!! However, I have a 13 yr old boy currently FAILING a few classes. A 12 yr old anxious to begin a k-12 homeschool program... A Hubby that loves to traves and DO all things with a family (with VERY DIVERSE) personalities on a spur of the moment. Family wants to eat... Now that I have my CPAP... I'm able to sleep more... (Insomnia time was web browsing time)... and if I could bury my head in the covers with earplus in and STAY... most days I would GLADY DO THAT! 

I am a horrible business person. I lack confidence in being "good enough" with my photography in spite of the courses of training and experience. I have given discounts to friends and family which almost ALWAYS turn into a LOT MORE work for me, being taken advantage of, bending over backwards trying to please them and nothing is good enough! I paid more out in taxes and fees than I take in. I HAVE given my guidelines and requested to go through my lab, but many insist on taking files to local one hr idiot machines where people push an auto button and don't have a clue how to print a decent picture... Then it is spread how crappy the pictures exposure or coloring is. I calibrate my monitor EVERY MONTH and the photos come out beautifully through my lab. 

Then I get those that think photography is fun and people ask them to take their picture and how much do I charge... Hard to answer, as it depends on:
  •  who it is
  • what's it for
  • how large prints will be wanted
  • what are the subjects
  • location of shoot
  • how long for the shoot
  • how many changes
  • how many prints are desired
  • Do you have a clue how to get the best images from YOUR camera?
  • Do you know how to edit... WELL?
That list has MANY variables. Then there's the next step... IF you do this as a business... EVEN IF you do not charge for it (as I was told by a tax worker... of COURSE), you must maintain a business license, collect sales tax, pay business fees, property/use tax on ALL your equipment YEARLY, etc... Between ALL that AND my web Gallery and out of date website... I pay more out than I get in.... but I learned that I must limit what I take to avoid a meltdown.

When I go into any of this I get the glazed over eyes and they don't want the details... But HEY!! If this is what you want to do... THIS is what is required by law... It's the honest way and if your caught... you WILL PAY for doing business without a licence. So this makes me the word that rhymes with witch and few in my ward even speak to me anymore. They are happy to pay someone that doesn't have the overhead expenses, I guess... I guess they don't have so many outrageous requests of what to Photoshop since she doesn't know the program well... 

At any rate, I'm letting my business license lapse this year. I'm reducing some stress... I'm going to finish the NYIP  course to better my skills even more hopefully (so far it's all been stuff I'm familiar with, so it's frustrating... I know... just get it over with...) I will do things just for close friends and family and that will be limited. I'm in a rut and I need to claw my way out or let it consume me. Consumption is what's been happening... I need to try the alternative... take care of me a bit more and stop trying to please the WORLD! THAT's impossible!
The post from Words in Sync hits me on the head right now...
Thanks for participating.!

Everybody go to your previous links and relink them so we can share your causes!!


Garden of Egan said...

It does sound like you have a full plate. You are wise to scale back.

I am not a professional at any rate, but I got conned into doing dance pictures this last Saturday...my only Saturday off in a month!
They were supposed to come at 8:30 (yes, that's PM), they called and said they were running late. Two of the couples came at 9:30 and the other three didn't come until 10:30. I didn't get done until 11:30! I haven't even gone through them to start editting. I hated doing it.
One of the moms asked if she wanted me to advertise and get my name out there.
Uh, NO!

I have no idea what NYIP is.

Jackie said...

Holly. You are a gem.

Is it weird if I name a baby Diamond? I kind of want do.

Karen Peterson said...

I totally understand why you wouldn't pay for Linky Tools. It doesn't make sense for what you do. But there was a lot of notice given, because I saw the notice about a month ago.

Anyway, I know what you mean about the friends and family stuff when it comes to business. Whenever I do business with a friend or relative, I always make sure to keep that business relationship totally separate from the personal one.

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