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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Creative" Lies you can PROBABLY Get Away With... Hubby's Birthday ADVENTURE!!

This has been Hubby's birth MONTH!! It seems we just keep celebrating his life!! Last weekend we went to St George for his birthday. It was going to be a little "getaway" for he and I *wink*wink* for his birthday. The part he DIDN'T know was that it was actually planned by "Heartbreaker" and MOST of the kids showed up DOWN THERE!! He and I arrived and "decided" to go to dinner... Him "We could just do take out and bring it back to the condo..." ME... the BRAT... "NO! I want to sit and enjoy a nice meal." Him... "OK, if that's what you want." Me "We're celebrating your birthday... we should do it nicer than take out..." HIM... "Hehehe... yeah... I though we did that ON my birthday..." Me "So what." I'm sure he thought something was weird because I kept getting texts and I had to be "CREATIVE" with my excuses... since I am NOT the text champions that ARE my OFF SPRING... They need more time... *sigh*... SOooo... GROCERY STORE... REDBOX... and GAS!! Enough stalling... they are READY!! We get back to the room and I stand back to let him be the GENTLEMAN he IS!! WOW!! Good thing he's HEALTHY!!! He mighta' had a HEART ATTACK!! 7 out of the 10 kids were able to make it and we were crammed into two 3 bedroom condos. LOL!! He DID think it was QUITE ROOMY for the 2 of us at first... but you know... it was the ONLY room they had LEFT!!  ;p  

He had a blast and I was mostly in bed sick... EVEN THERE!!! Talk about a BUMMER!! So I brought my camera... but I didn't really USE it... Hubby got some great shots though... and of course I don't have access to it at them moment. Perhaps I'll edit one that I LOVE and share it with you on another "CREATIVE" post soon!! I'm willing to bet he will be doing a nice post on the weekend when we return... I link you to it when that happens. 

I DID take this one ON the actual birthday, though... but the "creative" FACE is ALL HIM!!! LOL!! 
Now I am heading off again... still sick, but HOPEFULLY getting the GOOD EXPENSIVE STUFF (MEDS) into my system so it's not a WASH!! SO HOW DO you flush out chronic sinusitis and bronchitis in a couple of days?? IS it possible?? We shall SEE!!! Dun ~ Dun ~ DUN!!! I'll report more on THAT later!!

In the meantime... if I'm found in a dark corner of a ship hacking and rocking (the pathetic kind... not the fun kind...) crying for my babies... just rest assured that they will be safe at home being cared for... forgetting all about ME... learning to love OTHERS!! *sniff*  LOL!  So for those of you that don't know... when I don't feel good, my DOGS cheer me up... but when I ABANDON them by going away WITHOUT them... they sometimes hold grudges... Good thing they are more forgiving than PEOPLE!!  ;D

I wanted to participate in Shah's Weekend Creation event. But since I likely won't be able to link in the post, I hope someone does it for me.  ;D 

The weekend was AWESOME for him... 
in SPITE of me and my WHAHMBULANCE.  ;p
If you want a good laugh... 
I'm SURE living in the 'HOOD with THEM is what gave ME a MAN COLD!!  ;p   HEY!! It jumped over BLOCKS just to come GET ME!!! This is ONE POWERFUL MAN COLD!! (For the record... I AM NOT a MAN... I'm just feeling quite pathetic this go round...  *sigh*)

I showed Hubby the clip but I can't say what he said/did... I'd be in BIG TROUBLE!!  ;p  (HAHAHAHA!!! And those of you that are CURIOUS ANYWAY can't even DRAG it out of me... or BRIBE me... for at least another 10 days, anyway! NEENER NEENER!!)  ;p  

HOWEVER, if you want in on the "secret" of WHERE I'll be... Krista holds the Key... ;D  BAHAHA!! A riddle... and she can't TALK... DOH!!! She CAN type, though... ;p  Sorry about the PUN HUN... (((HUGS)))  I REALLY DO hope you get your voice back!!


shah wharton said...

Lol - Great post. ;D

I have some news to share with you - hope you can spread the word.

I have decided to do a linky - its called Monday Madness and its for those of us who blog and have some connection to mental illness. ;D I'd love a community of us to find out about one another and support each others blogs. These things notoriously take time to get going but I'm starting it now. Of course please come and link up

Shah .X

Lisa said...

She said she's going to learn to burp her words. Taking lessons from her son. I think it's a fantastic idea. I wonder if you can blog in burps.

Cheeseboy said...

What a great surprise! That's a ton of candles. Glad you didn't burn the condo down.

Karen Peterson said...

That is a great picture. You should submit it to a competition or something. Fantastic!

I'm glad your hubby had a great birthday!

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