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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kaiya in Hearts

Theme: Hearts


Kandy said...

Adorable!!! Love that red hair!!! =)
I'm a new follower via FMBT =)


atomiclulu said...

Ooops I guess I forgot the "link" in the Linky part huh? Snickers!

Hello again <3


Garden of Egan said...

Oh, she is so cute!!!!!
I love that little pose.

Lori said...

Holly, she's beautiful. I used to put little hair bands on my little girl when she was younger. That's just a great photo!

Brandy Nelson said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow! I will definitely check my profile and link the new blog up. I have been sooo busy with 2 babies and trying to set the new site up that it was just one thing I hadn't gotten to yet! Thanks for the reminder!


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