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Friday, March 4, 2011

AWESOME: Stavros Flatley - It's GREEK to ME!

Today we're just going to go
"A Little Bit Irish"
Because being Irish is a state of mind... Right?
A down to earth father and son who enjoy
having a good time...
Stavros Flatley Player of the year Awards stadium show 2010 - May 2nd Britannia stadium
and making people SMILE!
Stavros Flatley Player of the year Awards stadium show 2010 - May 2nd Britannia stadium
won the hearts of Britain...
and the WORLD!!
he ORIGINAL Greek Irish Dancers
Stavros Flatley - Father/Son Audition
The embedding of the audition was disabled on ALL of them...
So you can still see it, you just have to watch it in YouTube
This is what SUCKS you IN!!
The back story, their relationship, the initial shock and reaction...
This one is fun... when they MEET members of
Lord of the Dance

... and the Finals

See all the FUN they've been having?  ;D

...and he got PLENTY of advertisement for
his restaurant! LOL!!
Stavros Flatley backstage
and now they even have a BOOK out!!

Click the pic to AMAZON to purchase: 
For more photos and video clips go to 
*Disclaimer: Images are from Stavros Flatley Photo-stream
There's a WHOLE LOT of AWESOME going on!! 

Now if these guys aren't "CREATIVE"


Humble Homemaker said...

haha! I love Stavros Flatley!!! So funny and such wonderful guys. Thanks for sharing.
Humble Homemaking

Teresa said...

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Garden of Egan said...

That is pretty hilarious.
I've seen them on youtube.
What a riot.

Cheeseboy said...

I saw the video of those fellas a while ago and laughed my guts out. Good to see that they are really cashing in on all that attention now.

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