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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creation: Ice Cream, Pie, and DIGISCRAP

This was my "new recipe" in Feb! 
Chocolate Chip Vanilla Ice Cream! 
This past Monday I made my first 
pie crust from SCRATCH!! 
I made pecan pie in it. 
I was busy looking for something and it ended up being in 10 minutes too long... so it's hard to really tell how GOOD the crust TASTED... It wasn't BAD, but the pecans and crust edges were very... TOASTY... *sigh* It still tasted great on the inside... LOL! 

17. Make my own pie crust from scratch
18. Make a new recipe once a month minimum. 
I made enchilada squares and spaced taking a pic when we were about done scarfing it down. WHAT? We were hungry! LOL! March: CHECK  ;D
44. Digiscrap pages (=1 a week)
2 out of 52!! LOL!! See above...
46. Date night at least 2/month
I think I can consider date nights covered for this month on the cruise... We'll probably go on another before the month is through, though.
48. *K.I.S.S. with photography 
Well, since my license is soon to lapse, I'm in a dilemma about whether or not to renew. It's such a pain to reset things up... but I don't plan on doing much for a while. I have decided to put weddings on hold until I'm functioning more consistently. Faking it all day on some occasions is a challenge at times. It really takes a LOT out of me. Yesterday's event was quite a fiasco and not for the typical reasons... I'll go into that more on Monday. So that in itself, even if I DO renew the license, will simplify tremendously. 
51. Visit Mom and Pop at LEAST once a month!
Went and visited them yesterday. POP was doing SO GREAT compared to the last few times we've seen them!! It was just hubby and I. We need to bring the kids over again so they can see how good he's doing!  ;D

A touching clip: loyal dog in Japan. 


shah wharton said...

Great post - you're doing well to stick to your list. A few waverings but largely you're on it. Shah. X

Bo said...

Pecan Pie is the best o.o Mmmmmm..

Cheeseboy said...

Well, as one that loves pecan pie, but hates the crust of ANY pie, I would still eat the inside. Nice job.

Karen Peterson said...

Pecan pie is pretty much my favorite.

And whatever you decide to do about your license, I'm sure it will be the right decision.

Jennee said...

I've never been a fan of pecan pie but I'm glad you liked it! You are doing great! Keep it up!

Sandra Collins said...

love your digiscrap layouts

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