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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project 52 Update Week #10

Time to be accountable, I guess. 
I have some successes and failures 
for February. I'll start with the good. 

Project SUCCESS: 
7: Complete Insurance Health challenge #1 
13. Survive family trip to Mexico 
In spite of going with sinusitis and bronchitis... and Stitch-Kid challenging every step of the way... I'm back and alive... and Stitch-Kid is still alive... and if I EVER think of taking him on a cruise again...  please SHOOT ME!! But since we DID survive, I guess that's a success. 
We DID have FUN! ;p 
 18. Make a new recipe once a month minimum. 
I made chocolate chip vanilla ice cream with my awesome new ice cream maker!  
20. Game night with family every month 
Don't eat Pete was our game for Feb... 
30. Keep my cool on St George Trip 
I DID keep my cool... so well that I was in bed most of the time because I was so sick... HAHA... Does that count?? 
49. A book a month!!  
I finally finished An Innocent Man, I also did The Lovely Bones, and I'm well into The Confession... 

Project FAIL: 
40. 100% Visiting Teaching this year 
I don't think it would be fair to count Feb since I left my partner to do it without me due to being gone for half of the month... What do you think? 
51. Visit Mom and Pop at LEAST once a month! 
I failed at this for FEB! I'll try and make it up another month.  :( 
44. Digiscrap pages (=1 a week) 
Yeah... Not doing so good on this... perhaps I'll go manic on digiscrap sometime and get caught up... 
In case you didn't notice, I haven't done ANY of the organizing goals yet... *sigh*  


Karen Peterson said...

I think you should still count February's Visiting Teaching. I mean, it got done, didn't it?

And so glad you survived the Mexico trip!

Jennee said...

Your Mexico trip sounds a little like my Miami trip! Woo, I hate rough vacations!

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