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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Awareness: The Choking Game KILLS

This is not anything new, 
but there are still too many that are not AWARE of this. 
We just received information that this is a problem 
NOW in OUR schools/neighborhood TODAY! 
Please educate yourself and your family! 
Share the info and let's save some lives! 
I will review this with my boys NOW!

What IS the "Choking Game"?
It’s not a game at all—just an act of suffocating on purpose.
Adolescents cut off the flow of blood to the brain, in exchange for a few seconds of feeling lightheaded. Some strangle themselves with a belt, a rope or their bare hands; others push on their chest or hyperventilate.
When they release the pressure, blood that was blocked up floods the brain all at once. This sets off a warm and fuzzy feeling, which is just the brain dying, thousands of cells at a time.
What can I Do to STOP this?
Talk to the children in your life, as well as parents and everyone you know who works with children. Make sure they understand why the Choking Game is so dangerous: even if they survive, they’re permanently killing thousands of brain cells, and other children may be indicted and prosecuted for their involvement in a death or injury.
What are the WARNING SIGNS?
  • Any suspicious mark on the side of the neck, sometimes hidden by a turtleneck, scarf or permanently turned-up collar.
  • Changes in personality, such as overtly aggressive or agitated.
  • Any kind of strap, rope or belt lying around near the child for no clear reason—and attempts to elude questions about such objects.
  • Headaches (sometimes excruciatingly bad ones), loss of concentration, flushed face.
  • Bloodshot eyes or any other noticeable signs of eye stress.
  • A thud in the bedroom or against a wall—meaning a fall in cases of solitary practice.
  • Any questions about the effects, sensations or dangers of strangulation.
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Garden of Egan said...

Tough topic.
As an ER nurse I have seen tragic results with this.

Good for you for bringing it to the forefront.

Karen Peterson said...

I remember kids used to do this when I was in high school and the goal used to actually be passing out.

I never got that. What's the fun of passing out on purpose?

Cheeseboy said...

When I heard about this game, I was shocked that any kids, even stupid kids would play. Glad the word is getting out. Hopefully it is not too late.

The DB Foundation said...

The Choking Game has been causing injuries and fatalities of our youth for generations! Now is the time for Public Education! The DB Foundation, Inc is eligible for a $10K grant from the Pepsi Refresh Grant Challenge to receive funds to host a National Choking Game Awareness Conference. This conference will convene risk prevention organizations, Educational, Medical, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and Parents to join forces and effectively combat this killer. We need all concerned citizens to vote for this project.

Won't you join us in saving kids by voting 3 ways every day through Nov 30th.

On PC: http://www.refresheverything.com/chokinggame.

Text: 109321 to 73774.

Mobile: http://m.refresheverything.com/Idea/19586

Please Share and Repost! For more info visit www.TheChokingGame.net.

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