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Friday, May 27, 2011

Michael Meets Mozart: INCREDIBLE!!!

Any of you that have followed much already know that I absolutely LOVE Jon Schmidt!! Well, he's done it again and put a HUGE SMILE on my face!! His new mash-up called Michael Meets Mozart is AMAZING and has been brought to life by way of video for us!! 
WOW!! I LOVE IT!! The way Jon and Steven perform together is exhilarating! Both are true masters of their mediums! I always love their summer performance at the Sandy amphitheater set against the mountains to the east and the sunset to the west. *SIGH* My only recommendation is that you go the few extra $$s for the seats and forgo the lawn. Once I got tickets at the gate and that was all that was available. There are too many distractions for my liking up there. (You would think peope would be more considerate during a performance and keep down the talking and allowing their children to run amok.) Whatever, assigned seats are mine forever more after that experience.  ;p This year's date is July 16th for any of you interested. 

If you go to his website JonSchmidt.com, you can find the mp3 download of this song (and others) for only .99! You can also download sheet music, minus tracks, cds, music books, etc... There are even pop out playlists where you can listen to his music anytime for free. He has some great freebies there, as well. at the bottom of the home page you will find his upcoming performance dates and locations. 

This man was the inspiration for my son to want to play the piano! YES!! This is a talent he will appreciate and share for a lifetime! 
I hope you enjoyed this taste of Jon's talents! 
I never tire of it! 
*Video by The Piano Guys
Here's MY creation to add... 
I took these shots at the Sandy concert last summer!! 
I know I'm a bit AWOL as of late... I hope you'll forgive me. Hopefully I'm nearing the end of this (TOO LONG) funk I've been in... Hang in there for me! 

Have a safe and GREAT Memorial weekend!


Cheeseboy said...

I was John's Home Teacher when I was a kid. (He's like 6 years older than me.) He played at my wedding reception and is an all around great guy. This is amazing too.

Lisa said...

Yes, I've missed you Hol. But I've kind of been AWOL, too. Let's get together soon for dinner or something. We'll call Krista and make it a date!

shah wharton said...

Hey Holly - thanks for linking up over at Weekend Creation BH - an I hope you're feeling better? I've been a little absent lately - just either away visiting, on hols or have visitors. I also need time away from blogging to concentrate of finishing my novel. I tried to get a blog share going on, but nothing doing.

Mad Pride is upon us - Well its due in London soon. I have made a fabuous mad pride button if you'd like to display it in support of the event -

Damn it, i can't put the code here- won't let me. Its on my blog - top/left hand column - Stephen Fry laughing in black and white with mad pride written in red.

Have a great memorial weekend. Shah .X

Paula said...

Darling Girl, currently I am far to happy to see you blogging as I could go into the content of your post. I shall return though. Love and hugs, Paula

Karen Peterson said...

I'm always amazed by people who are so much more talented than me!'

I've missed you, my friend. Glad to know you're hanging in there. You've been in my thoughts.

Mining for Diamonds said...

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed this!

Garden of Egan said...

I've never heard any of his music. (Don't judge) I'm off to listen to him.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well my friend.

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