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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were YOU on that fateful morning?

We had just moved to Riverside, CA where my husband had been transferred. Our home was not yet complete, so we were in a mostly unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment with 5 children while waiting. We didn't even have a television there.  (The movers still had our belongings awaiting the closing of our home...)  We had  three in school. One in high school, one in Jr High, and one in elementary. The first two had been successfully enrolled the day before, but the one in elementary (now a Jr in college...) had a couple more hoops to jump through. 
(This snapshot was 3.5 months later in our finished home.)

I was driving my son to finish the enrollment process with music blaring as we went on our merry way... I stopped for gas... using the convenient "pay at the pump" option... of course. A girl came out of the building crying and as I pumped, was lowering the flag. At that point, I didn't know if she was just having a bad day and put it up wrong... or WHAT? Off I went... I got to the school, parked, and we were asked to sit until they got classes under way. I was thinking of all the strange events of the morning and that Southern California was a little over the top on security in the schools. Was all this really necessary? Were we moving to an area that was much worse than we'd anticipated?? (There were security personnel directing kids/parents... there was a large fence, people rushing all over in a panic. WHAT the HECK?? We sat, acknowledged the chaos in disbelief, and waited... 
The bell rang and announcements began. 
"As most of you are aware, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center... As precautions... higher security measures..."  
HUH??? WHAT???  NUMBness sets in... Tears well up... Is this really happening? I don't remember much of what was said in the announcements aside from that... 
"Ma'am, we can help you now... Ma'am..." 
"MOM! Come on!" 
SNAP OUT of it!! UGH!! 
We finished his enrollment process... They were ready to take him to his new class... Did I really WANT to LEAVE my child ANYWHERE?? As an office worker and security person escorted my son out of sight, I observed another guard by a group of children hoisting the flag up... and then down... to the half way point. *THUD* My heart sank... reality not quite setting in. As I drove, I turned on the radio to hear more details. Everywhere I passed were flags at half mast. 

I got to the apartment and told hubby. We turned on the clock radio. Description of the tower being hit, then the other... Words really CAN'T describe... Not long after, I couldn't stand not SEEING what was going on... I went to the store and got a little TV so we could stay up to date. Then the Pentagon... the collapsing towers... the downed flight... the grounded planes nationwide... AAAAAHHHHH!!!! The next few days, you can envision seven family members huddled around a 13 inch TV on the floor of an empty room, trying to get the latest news... Life, as we had known it, was about to CHANGE...
Honestly, the memory still makes me ill... the anxiety and fear... I don't want to hear all of the political rhetoric or conspiracy theories on this day! I think THIS day should be reverenced for those that lost lives or loved ones... for the heroes that came out of the woodwork as others ran for cover... for those that are STILL FIGHTING for our FREEDOM and way of life... 

...and I don't really care WHO made this... 
It is a beautiful acknowledgement that brings 
a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat. 
My prayers go out for the 
victims, heroes, soldiers, and families... AND 
for a nation and world that hasn't been the same since! 
May the leaders of the world work towards 
BETTERING our world, 
instead of their efforts to 
Last year my post was more about our beautiful granddaughter that was born on this day in 2005, giving it a better memory.  ;D Sweet Whitney blessed all our lives for the short 16 months she was with us. This day will always bring us thoughts of her sweet spirit, as well! 
Loving and missing you, sweet baby!!
*OOPS! Preposted this (I THOUGHT...) not paying attention... and I wasn't online to catch that it was still in draft mode. I am going to back-post this now so it will appear in the proper place on the blog...  Sorry... (((HUGS)))

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Karen Peterson said...

Thanks for sharing your memory. I can definitely understand not wanting to leave you son at school. I was 700 miles from family and I don't remember a time I've hated that distance more.

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