". . . our stories are what make the difference, and if we can tell them honestly we can hope to help each other. In the end, we have nothing to offer each other but our stories." ~ Emma Lou Thayne

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas: Told by a Child

Christ is the reason for the season to me and I'm not ashamed to say it. I wanted to share this clip because it's so sweet to hear the story told by a child! 

People with different beliefs celebrate for different reasons. I honestly get tired of all the tiptoeing around the subject of Christ in the world today. I hope whatever your beliefs are, you can find it in your heart to let me have mine. We should just respect each other's right of belief and let people share without worrying about every little thing offending someone? 
What about being offensive to my beliefs? 
Just sayin'... 
The image above is one I took and edited a few years ago of our daughter and her new baby boy. We love it so much that it's a framed 20x24 in our art niche year round. I hope you like it.

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