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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Silly TEEN!

WOW!! It's been another year 
and Silly Boy is now a TEEN!!! 
We were on a trip to the 
Mexican Riviera (Yes, I'll post on it) 
and bee-lined it home so 
we could share his day with him. 
We are so exhausted!! ;p 
We'll continue his celebration tomorrow, 
as if we left it at just today, 
he was sorely CHEATED! LOL!! 
It's been an eventful year for this boy! 
I guess that would be the case for everyone... 
We took him on a cruise in February 
(the same one we just returned from again) 
and he got a kick out of the deck chess game! 
He's quite a good chess player. 
He will hold his own against any challenger! 
He's advancing rapidly in scouts! 
Here he is at the Klondike Derby... 
Before you know it, I'll be posting about his 
EAGLE court of honor! 

Braces went back on his teeth for round 2! 
He had a THING 
(Yeah... WHAT WAS THAT?) 
removed from his tongue 
and had stitches. 
He made THIS his profile picture! LOL! 
Here he is on the 
BEST Halloween EVER! 
This was quite an event in itself! LOL! 
I will have to do a post for Halloween!! 
I've been such a blog SLACKER!! 

We had been gathering and 
bargain shopping for months! 
HEY!! If you're gonna be SPIKE 
you have to do it RIGHT!! 
Well, What can I say, We TRIED!!! 
We tried to color his hair...
it turned orange! (OOPS!)
Then we sprayed white on it. UGH! 
The fangs wouldn't work over braces! 
I wasn't a good enough 
make-up artist to make the 
prosthetic work right... LOL!
He even had the contacts in that night. 
It worked out fine in the end!! 
He had 3 opportunities to dress up 
and each time was slightly different. 
This is how it ended...  
Simple TAME adorable Spike. 
Just the way Buffy liked him. ;D
As you can see, 
he is a lot of FUN 
and I AM glad he's OURS! 
He has a way of making us smile 
with his many antics... 
He's is growing into a 
DELIGHTFUL young man! 
Happy birthday Silly TEEN!! 


Kristina P. said...

He's a cutie!

Karen Peterson said...

I hope he had a great birthday! He's growing up so fast!

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