". . . our stories are what make the difference, and if we can tell them honestly we can hope to help each other. In the end, we have nothing to offer each other but our stories." ~ Emma Lou Thayne

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Writer's Workshop: INSPIRED

I chose writing for prompt #2: 
Write about a child you find inspiring. 
I am inspired by so many!! Especially from our own little clan! ALL of them are inspirational in their own ways and leave their positive marks in the world. Even though most of them are no longer children, they are "OUR" children... Here's a run down from our combined children in order. 
(L to R #s  5, 3, 4, 6, 2, 1)
#1) Teaches high school Math and German and is a great father and religious leader.  
#2) Works hard, great money sense, super sense of humor, mischievous, athletic, dramatic, great husband and father.  Supportive...
#3) A peacemaker, free spirit, sensitive to feelings of others. 
#4) A great artist and mother, dramatic with a fun personality. 
#5) Happy-go-lucky, responsible, hard worker, great husband and father with a great sense of humor. Supportive...
#6) Sweet spirit with a talent of bringing people together, resilient and optimistic in spite of MANY hardships she has and does endure, the best little mom I've ever known, supportive, sensitive to the feelings and needs of others,   beautiful voice and dancer.  She formed a special bond with #9 that is remarkable and a great asset to his well being.
(OLD 2004? pic... 
Hubs and I are back center... 
Kids L to R #s 8, 9, 10, 7)
#7) Independent, strong spirit, loving, talented dancer and nail tech. Gives AWESOME pedicures!! Intuitive! Sense of humor, true to herself.
#8) Featured below... Most intuitive where I am concerned. Talented throughout his being... Sensitive heart, independent, resourceful, sense of humor, true to himself... He WILL make an incredible husband and father! 
#9) Strong willed (which CAN be a positive thing...), soft heart in spite of tough facade he tries to project... leader in youth group, desires to serve his country.
#10) The most like his dad in looks and personality. Funny, patient, loving, talented, smart, good worker, intuitive, sensitive, resilient.
Now I could go into the 17 grandchildren, 
but that would take several posts. LOL!
 I wish to feature #8
In all fairness, he is no longer a CHILD... 
but he'll ALWAYS be MY CHILD! ;p 
Ben (aka "college boy" in many of my posts... and 2nd biological child to me...) is quite an inspiration to me. Here is a YOUNG MAN that dealt with a lot in his young life; moving multiple times, divorces, remarriages, integrating families on two sides, having to change/transition friends/schools multiple times due to all the moving. He was great in choir, plays, musicals... 
 He was AWESOME as Pippin! 
He experienced love and heart break. He was accepted into UofU and film studies program. He suffered a  dorm and crummy roommate, Job at KFC, changing to better job at the city library, then adding another job at the campus library archives... He found an apartment/new roommate, paying his own way for living expenses and school expenses; being wise enough to pay off as much as possible as he goes so he doesn't have a big debt over his head afterwards. He is entering his Junior year and thoroughly enjoying his major. He shows great imagination, promise and creativity. He is pursuing his dreams in a responsible, intelligent manner... Something I never had the guts or means to do... 

He has a couple of his small projects posted on his YouTube Channel

He is currently working his biggest project yet. He has a production team. They are making a short film called "War Is..." One wrote the screenplay, one will do the main part of directing, and one will be the editor. They will all help each other as needed, but they each have their main area of focus. 

War is... Description: Set in 1972 Salt Lake City, students at the University of Utah discuss contrasting views on war, including Vietnam, the seemingly endless conflict dividing the nation as they speak. As it frequently does, the blunt and opinionated discussion of war leads to hostility as the Professor encourages them to evaluate what war really is.

Tomorrow, July 1, they are having a casting call. They have set up a casting call page on facebook with all the information needed. So if you are in the area and would like to participate, go check it out!! 

ALSO, they would love to make this as good and authentic as possible; which requires more funds than they have on hand. They have also set up a fundraising page on facebook with a donation link set up through PayPal. Anything you'd be willing to contribute, small or large, would be greatly appreciated! 

 Sweet Air Productions - War Is... 

(A Short Film)

by Sweet Air Productions

Please help Sweet Air Productions fund their short film 

War Is... Our goal is to make a great polished short film 

that can be sent around in the film festival circuit. 

We cannot do that without your help. 

Please donate as much or as little 

as you can and we will be very grateful.

Mama’s Losin’ It
1.) Describe a memorable first date. 
2.) Write about a child you find inspiring.
3.) What do you find most challenging about blogging? 
4.) Name a pet peeve you have about how other parents raise their kids. Go on…stir the pot. 
5.) We often spend time and energy talking about people in our lives we don’t see enough of. Describe a person in your life you are in contact with often. What does he/she mean to you?
6.) If you could thank your mom for anything, what would it be? Create a video thanking her for something.
Choose one of this week's prompts and click the picture link to add your entry.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Touch of Whimsy

I haven't participated in this challenge for a while... 
This week's theme: 
A Touch of Whimsy
I HAD to share this one. 
Mindy's Anchor release concert was 
I was lucky enough to be on the end of the front 
center row and got some AWESOME shots!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Me on Monday #49

1. What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first? 
I've always been partial to BLUE! 
YES!!! I'll be in trouble for this! LOL!
2. Do you talk to yourself? 
All the time... 
3. What is your current relationship status?
14 years in November.  ;D
He still puts up with me... 
4.  Do you have a garden? 
OK, TECHNICALLY it's Hubby's... 
He does ALL the work for it. 
5. What is your favorite licorice flavor?  
I think that's a UTAH thing. They looked at me like I was NUTS when I asked for it in CA! So I had to stock up on it when we had UT runs. LOL!! 
TRUST ME... it's YUMMY!! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to POPS and Hubby!! 
I'm actually missing hubby... he spent much of Father's Day on the road to Hesparia to be with his brother, whose wife passed away a week ago. He should be back in a couple days. We were amazed at the red tape, hoops, and the slow process in California concerning death and burial! 

To make it worse, he was charging his cell phone and FORGOT IT!! *sigh* OH MY!! Thank goodness his sister went, too... We can still harass him through her phone! LOL! 
So the 3 Jackson kids are together right now... 
All of them have lost their loves... 
Now they are there for each other. 
Hubby is the only one to remarry... 
Lucky ME!  ;D 
Hubby is the littlest... 
Ain't he cute?? Looks just like our youngest!
Been without my dad for a decade now... 
Love and miss you... 
Thinking of you on Father's Day, too!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life in Transition

This past week has been bitter-sweet:
Our sister-in-law, Betty passed away on Thursday. She has been battling many health issues for so long. Hubby's brother has been an incredible caregiver to his sweetheart. She can finally rest but will be missed and cherished by loved ones. 
We also had grandchild #17 born. 
It's a BOY!! ;D
I'm not a GRAND poet/writer, but this is what resulted in penning some of my random thoughts. 
I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday and always remember to cherish your loved ones near and far as life is precious and a gift... We never know how long one will be with us.
Life in Transition
by Holly Jackson
New life
A beginning
Gift from the heavens
Tiny, precious
Needing protection
Guidance and love
Life progresses
as events transpire
Trials withstood
Fullness achieved
Tired and worn
Returning to heaven
Ready for rest
Having endured much
Loved, cherished
Memories embraced

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Expressions: The Civility Experiment

This has such a beautiful message for all of us!! 
I've given a lot of thought to the way that we act and react in general. I've come to the decision that we should have our own moral compass to keep ourselves in the direction we wish to go... However, it is not our place to judge others by our own compass or expectations. We are all here having individual human experiences. We need to be able to see beyond the things that make us different and find the common ground that we share as human beings. Find acceptance that everyone walks their own path with their own history and trials. How lovely it would be if that actually worked out that way. 

I found this video so interesting! How many of us are like the woman in the beginning of her interview? How many assume as they think this way, in reality are not? What a GREAT lesson for us ALL!
What are your thoughts?
Have a beautiful Sunday!
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