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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sweet n Sour: New Grandbaby is HERE

GUILTY!! I've been a neglectful blogger... someday I MIGHT explain WHY! LOL!! But I HAD to share this... and I'm even late at this seeing as how this sweetie is already a week and a day old! I'll try to do better.

First of all, the doctor Country Gal went to is the one that delivered my 3rd, did my hysterectomy, and was doing the followup (which I've been procrastinating for 2 years now...) of the cysts on my ovaries... Daughter was due on the 11th (Hubby's birthday.) She went for an appointment and came over upset because he still wouldn't set a date to induce her. Monday she goes in again... She's not thinned out or dilating still, but he schedules her to be admitted Wednesday evening and he would come break her water around 9pm. She texts me how FURIOUS she is with him for not doing it YESTERDAY!! LOL!! (Emotional pregos.... Oh yeah, I was one... she IS my daughter...  ;p  )  The poor man has to deal with emotional woman ALL the time!! ;p

She made it clear that we were welcome to be at the hospital when she goes in, but ONLY Austin would be with her during the delivery. OK, I understand.... Panic sets in.... "Who else will be there?" I guess that was OBVIOUS... the "other" side of her coin... THUD!!! I think my heart stopped and jumped into my throat. I don't know if I have enough chill pills available to get through this... but this IS MY little girl... so it's not like I just don't go. I told her to let me know when she wants me to come up and I'll be there for her... AND step out when it's time and wait... AND I'll be nice... *HUFF*  ;p

Her husband is texting me updates all night and I'm responding right back. (Evidence that neither of us slept...) In the morning she texted me and said I could come up anytime I want. (Which I told her I would wait until she said she wanted me there because it was going to be a slow start and I didn't want to interfere with what sleep she could get...) So I get there... Holy Canoli!! Standing room only and I was quite a minority; so was her husband's mom. Her dad (EX), his mom  (whom I ADORE), his wife, her 4 daughters, her parents, their friend.... were ALL there, too. Not everyone at the same time all day, though...  WOW! I survived and everyone played pleasant enough... So I'll be good.  ;~)

When they announced she was at a 10 and they were going to have her start pushing that was our invitation to exit to the lobby. The lobby was right next to the "beverage station", so we could even help ourselves... When Dr Healy arrived, he was in there for about 20 minutes... He came out of the room (I could see because I'd positioned my chair so I could see any activity going on by her room...) He was heading our way and I got up to see how things were going. He said she was a trooper but she was going to be in there a while and Austin was thirsty. BAHAHAHA!! That did make me laugh. He went back in with 2 cups in his hands. She was at the PUSHING stage for almost 2 hours!! Poor kid... She just HAD to get MY birthing problems... I'm sorry baby... but she is so worth it...  and so were you!

The nurse that was assigned to her for the day just happened to be in our neighborhood when we lived in Washington Terrace. She was AWESOME! What WOULD doctors do without these wonderful nurses that do majority of the CARING part??? 

I had to take a picture of Tiffany holding the baby with the doctor! 
AND the proud new parents whose lives have just changed forever.
 and US... of COURSE!! 

Tiffany spiked a fever during delivery, so they flushed her with antibiotics. The lab work on the baby came back with a high white blood count, so they think she got some kind of infection from Tiffany during delivery. Her bilirubin was also high. 
They took her to NICU for antibiotics and soaking up the rays in their baby tanning beds. LOL!! They released Tiffany on Sunday but allowed her to board there since they weren't full so she'd be close to the baby.  ;D  That helped.
 They sent them home Monday evening with things to do the light therapy at home. 

I LOVE this pic she got with her phone and sent to me!! This blanket is one of the light therapy tools... see how she's glowing around the blanket edge? LOL!! The smile is priceless and I'm pretty sure that's Tiffany's dimple I'm seeing there.  ;D

Her hubby took his 2 weeks off to be there and help Tiff. That's pretty impressive. He was quite attentive with her through the whole ordeal and quite a proud papa now. She's sore, but she's happy to be done with that part so she can enjoy being home with her newly transitioned cute family.

So of course I think Paisley is so adorable!! And now I AM OFFICIALLY and BIOLOGICALLY a grandma. HAH!! But on the larger scale of yours, mine, and ours, she evens up the girls and boys and comes in at #18!!
1 week adorableness!!
The sad part of all of this is that Tiffany has no doctor for her follow up now... Dr Healy's daughter found him dead on Monday morning and they put his time of death sometime the evening before. He came and released her Sunday morning and was gone that night... HOW does that happen?? He was only 64 and never got the chance to retire and learn what it means to relax. I think he worked himself to death... I'm so glad my hubby retired when he did!! NOW WHO CAN I TRUST to go to?? See what happens when you procrastinate, people?? This too, could happen to YOU!!
Images links to his obituary.
(((HUGS))) for his loved ones:

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