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Project 52

Project 52

Project 52 is the brainchild of 
"In January of 2010, we launched Face it Fridays as a way to keep ourselves and our goals in check. Accountability without judgment is the way to accomplish the things you want to do and we spent the year working through our lists and doing things we might never have done if we hadn't required ourselves to report our activities on a weekly basis.

For 2011, we are making some changes and that's where Project 52 comes in.

There are 52 weeks in a year. We are challenging you to do something with those 52 weeks. Something you might not have done otherwise. It can be one big goal or 100 little ones. Jennee and I decided to try 52 things. We'll see how it goes."

I joined the project!
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This is the button I'll use on posts to link to this page
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  • 1. Participate in and create "Project 52" page on blog
  • 2. Participate in and create "Year of AWESOME" page on blog
  • 3. Create buttons for "Project 52" and "Awesome" that will link to those pages from each post.
  • 4. Find how to do an html code that will pull the tags of posts to those pages so that all posts on main blog will be pulled to those pages. (Is that even possible??? We shall see...)
  • 5. Set up blog for hubby:   Rich Ideas
  • 6. 2 File Folders *To Read *To Do *To File
  • 7. Complete health insurance health challenge 1
  • 8. Complete health insurance health challenge 2
  • 9. Complete health insurance health challenge 3
  • 10. Complete health insurance health challenge 4
  • 11. Complete health insurance health challenge 5
  • 12. Complete health insurance health challenge 6
  • 13. Survive family trip to Mexico. (LOL!! YES! This WILL be a true challenge...)
  • 14. Follow through on setting up CPAP
  • 15. Follow through on Mammogram (*sigh*)
  • 16. Make bread from scratch without bread maker (The kind with yeast and rolling out...)
  • 17. Make my own pie crust from scratch
  • 18. Make a new recipe once a month minimum. JanFeb Mar 
  • 19. Make rolls from scratch without bread maker (The kind with yeast and rolling out...)
  • 20. Game night with family every month JanFeb 
  • 21. Create chore charts for boys
  • 22. Organization Notebooks and spot for them
  • 23. Organize Master bathroom
  • 24. Organize bedroom desk
  • 25. Organize Main desk
  • 26. Organize counters
  • 27. Organize Dresser
  • 28. Organize Closet
  • 29. Clean/Organize Mud Room
  • 30. Keep my cool on St George Trip
  • 31. Get other vinyl designs up on the WALLS
  • 32. NYIP Certification Pt 1
  • 33. NYIP Certification Pt 2
  • 34. NYIP Certification Pt 3
  • 35. NYIP Certification Pt 4
  • 36. NYIP Certification Pt 5
  • 37. NYIP Certification Pt 6
  • 38. Create customized backgrounds to fit seasons or holidays for blog Jan  Feb√ Mar 
  • 39. Participate in Chili Cook Off at F Family Reunion
  • 40. 100% Visiting Teaching this year  Jan Feb X
  • 41. Recreate custom post signature and separator
  • 42. Refresh/Memorize Fur Elise on piano
  • 43. Design "ABOUT ME" page for blog
  • 44. Digiscrap pages (=1 a week) 2 
  • 45. Get a "Finalist" or better at Better Photo
  • 46. Date night at least 2/month Jan  Feb √ Mar 
  • 47. *K.I.S.S. on blog posts (get to the point and keep them shorter... and remember I don't have to participate in all projects ALL the time...)
  • 48. *K.I.S.S. with photography (Know my limits/be willing to say no... control the OCD on  Progress: 1  
  • editing... If people paid for the time I put into editing their images, I'd be RICH! LOL!!)
  • 49. A book a month!! Jan  Feb  
  • 50. Find a GOOD therapist I can work through more of my CRAP with... (the keyword being GOOD...)
  • 51. Visit Mom and Pop at LEAST once a month! Jan FebMar  
  • 52. Redesign/update photo website!
  • ALT: Pick out/learn Waterfall on Piano (I am NOT a skilled pianist...)
*K.I.S.S. is an acronym for
Keep It Simple Stupid
I found this brilliance through 
She says she didn't come up with it but since that's where I found it, I thank her for bringing it to my attention. It is SO perfect for me. I have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be at times... or get too wordy... *sigh*
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